Germany 2021-Bosnian team saving the planet

İt’s 2021 and İ am writing you again. We still live in the period of the pandemic however i decided to pack my suitcase and i came to Germany this time. Actually, it is six of us and we decided to leave our comfort zones in order to come here to learn more about our planet, our environment and all the possible ways that we could use to protect it. Actually, no matter how many times one decides to participate in projects similar to this one, one always gets a chance to meet hım/herself as well. With each and every new experience we go through and with each and every person we meet, we tend to grow and change.İ strongly believe that we should cherish such opportunities and one should go for it, always. Another important thing to have in mind is the fact that whenever we take a place in these projects, we don’t only represent ourselves but our countries too. One of our activities here was actually the intercultural night. We decided to bring some Bosnian products to share with our new friends from five different countries. Besides that, we cooked here too. We prepared several national dishes and people loved it. Some of us had our traditional costumes too. There are no words good enough to explain the feeling we all had while representing our country and the fact that we did such a great job made us even prouder. 
Photos sometimes tell the stories themselves. Enjoy these while we’re enjoying our last days here.We’ll make sure to get back to you once the project is actually over.
Until then, tschüss! 🙂