Offer for tourist in Visoko city, available on web platform

Aware of the tourist potential that their city have, Association „Youth Volunteers“ has launched a internet platform, which offers to tourists many years of history, old crafts and other values of the city, where more than 800 years ago one of the oldest document was written in all South Slavs Nations and states, Charter of Ban Kulin.

From Association they say that, more than 200 000 people visit Visoko per year, and they think that number can be significantly increased with promoting offer.

In the name of Association, Adnan Mević for FENA said that tourists in Visoko do not have tourist office. The municipality office for tourism was abolished until the adoption of a law that would put tourism into municipal authority, and until then, as an alternative, „Youth Volunteers“ will offer

In three languages, Bosnian, English and Turkish, there are several sections of the sights of our city , from the pyramids that tourists are most interested in to the archeological area of ​​Mile – Crowns and Tomb of the Bosnian Kings, Arnautovići, Mević said.

Also, interesting are the old crafts by which Visoko is famous. Fena earlier was also in visit to craftsman called „čibučari“ from Goduša, in valley along the stream of river Godušica, few kilometers from Visoko, who are making wood handcrafts. For hundreds of years at the same place, they transforms wood into art, and their craft is not threatened, and has never threatened to extinction, as is the case with most of the old crafts. For centuries, they made a variety of wood items, but since the chibouk, for  cigars, was the most dominant product that emerged from their workshops, and even today it is their official name.

The craftsman „grnčari“ have made things from clay for the centuries, the thing that has today completely replaced ceramics and plastics. This job is nowadays rare and dealing with those who really love it or those who have it in inheritance. Liješeva is a place near the city Visoko, on the way to Visoko-Kakanj, and it is a valley of „grnčara“, „lončara“ or, simply, a valley of craftsman who made pots by their own hands.

Mevic points out that although the valley of the pyramids and Mile is the most visited, even the making of handicrafts is not unimaginable to tourists, especially those who stay in Visoko for more than a day.

– These are still smaller, because of the 200,000 people, the most of them are staying one day and Visoko is one of the destinations throughout BiH. We are sure that each of them, with little effort, because we have what to offer, we can keep it longer, Mevic added and pointed out the need for the arrival of Bosnians and Herzegovinians who can meet in Visoko with the medieval history of BiH.

He said that tourism as a prospective branch in Visoko can make a large number of jobs, which is also the goal of the Association “Youth Volunteers”.

Visoko notes visits from tourists from all over the world who are now offered visits to offering accommodations, a tour of cultural and historical sights, as well as vacation places, writes Fena.


Source: Oslobođ