Javni poziv za 6 učesnika Youth exhange u Izmiru-Turska

Projekat će se održati u Izmiru i to u periodu od 26 April – 06 Maj 2019 godine

Više informacija o projektu:

Project is a youth exchange activity. It will be held in İzmir between 26 April-6 May 2019.
Culture is the accumulation of characteristics and knowledge of human society’s language, religion, cusine, social habits, music and art. In other words, culture is an instrument which affects our world- view and varies according to where we were born and grown. The cultural diversity is our joint-heritage and greatest opportunity fort he humanity. The cultural diversity is also an invitation for dialogue, discovery and cooperation. Recently, the young aren’t aware of the importance of the concepts of culture and solidarity, multiculturalism concepts. The cultural diversity means being aware of the ties connecting us with the environment, as the biodiversity is important for the nature, multiculturalism is important for the humanity. Diversity means more than tolerance and understanding. This means respecting those who aren’t different from you and accepting the differences as wealth. But today the young discriminate against people diffeent from themselves.Our objective should be to develop the human rights and the diversity that enriches us. We wish to enable the ypung to have the habit of living together with different cultures.
The objectives of our Project
– To enable th young to adopt the concept and importanceof multiculturalism.
– To teach the cultures of the partner countries to the participants by experiencing.
– To raise awareness in the young about the importance of 21 May The World Day for Cultural Diversity and Development.
– To teach the basic sentences in the partner countries.
– To enable the young to cook the different cuisines together.
– To teach the young the cultures, life styles, dances, music of the partner countries.
– To break the prejudices in the young through cultural integration
– To increase the number of cooperation among the partner organizations.
In our Project, there will be 35 participants (6 young and 1 leader from each partner) from 5 countries and 10 participants from Turkish team. The age limit will be between 18-30. Among the participants there are young people suffering from economic, social problems. Besides this, there will be a leader aged 25
The methods we will use to make the Project activities more efficent; Games, ice-breakers, energizer, presentation, group work, discussion, interactive presentation, learning by experiencing, presentation of the expert, brainstorming, thr group presentation, narration, implementation, team work, learning by doing, individual work, outdoor activity, 5 w 1 h, discussion, brainstorming, question-answer, oral narration,
Activities are,What is culture, The importance of Culture and Solidarity, The concept of Multiculturalism, Multiculturalism in Turkey, Europe and the World, Intercultural Information Competition, Turkish Culture Information, introduction of Turkish songs, dances, dinners and cultural
items, presentation of Azerbaijan, Azeri language, food dance, introduction of songs, Macedonian
alphabet and basic sentences, Macedonian carnival, dance, music, food and beverage promotion, Balkan
History and Culture, Cyrillic Alphabet, Balkan Dance, Music and Cuisine, Bosnian culture, dance music,
food, presentation of the Sarajevo Film Festival and songs, Albanian culture, 36 words of Albanian,
Albanian songs and food, Street Festival, Project preparation time, bulletin preparation, dissemination
plans, evaluation hours.
Long term benefits of our Project are as follows: thanks to our participants we will deliver our objectives
to many people. At the end of the Project, our participants who will raise awareness about the gender
inequality will transfer their acquisitions to their environment when they return to their countries and
by this way, the equality of women and men will be supported. Also there will be long term cooperation
among the international organizations.

Molimo sve zainteresovane da popune aplikaciju na engleskom jeziku, a ista se nalazi na Linku: Aplikacijski-obrazac.  Popunjenu aplikaciju poslati na mail: volonteriyia@gmail.com najkasnije do 15.02.2019