Training Course “Together for Rural Youth Entrepreneurship”
Sombor, Serbia from 06.05.2016. – 13.05.2016,
organized by Serbian NGO “Volonter” from Sombor, 3 participants


Project “Together for Rural Youth Entrepreneurship”, organised by Serbian NGO “Volonter” from Sombor,
will be held in Sombor, Serbia from 06.05.2016. till 13.05.2016.
The Training Course “Together for Rural Youth Entrepreneurship” is dedicated to 30 youth workers and
leaders working in rural areas/with rural youth. It will involve participants from 10 countries: Serbia, Austria,
Finland, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Romania, Albania, Czech Republic and Macedonia. This
Training Course aims at increasing the skills of youth workers working with young people in rural areas and
the capacity of their organizations to tackle youth unemployment on a European level by promoting
entrepreneurial spirit and education among young people in rural areas. In this way, the project aims to
foster social inclusion of young people in rural areas across Europe and the cooperation among Programme
and Non-programme countries in Erasmus + by establishing a network of organizations across Europe which
work on tackling the same issue.
Objectives of the projects are to critically examine the issues and consequences of youth unemployment in
various regions in Europe through discussions, group work and role plays; to share ideas and tools among
youth workers; to explore the challenges facing young entrepreneurs. A further objective is to equip
participants with knowledge about corporate-social entrepreneurship and all the elements important when
establishing a company such as business plan, marketing, digital communication etc. Youth workers and
leaders involved in the project will learn new methods of nonformal learning, which they can use to multiply
the project results. An important object is to develop a platform for future cooperation between Programme
and non-programme countries in Erasmus +. By creating a connection between the participants that are from
countries all over Europe, new partnerships and new projects will be developed. The participants will use
these new skills and partnership to organise EU related projects that will target the young people in the local
community. This will strengthen the bonds within Europe and the partner countries.

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