Poziv za seminar

Poziv za seminar:

“InFormed Youth on EUROPEan Citizenship” in Iasi, Romania on 23th July – 03th August 2013;     2 ucesnika

The TC InFormed Youth on EUROPEan Citizenship will approach as main themes volunteering, European
citizenship and non-formal education and will approach subjects such as:
– Citizenship and European Year of Citizens 2013
– Decision-making procedures in EU
– Non-formal education
– Simulation of Euro parliamentary elections
– Democracy and community development
Within the TC will be used non-formal methods and will include inputs, workshops, role play, debates, simulations,
self assessment, intercultural evening and visits to the important monuments of the city and around.
The program of the training will contain simulation of europarlamentary election, work-shops, practical
activities, debates, exercices, intercultural evening, cultural and environmental visits and others.
The project is prepared and conducted by a qualified and professional team of trainers and the participants
will receive Youthpass certificates which describe and validate the learning experience acquired during the training.

Rok za prijavu je do 25.06.2013.

Aplikaciona forma download word.doc:

participant application InFormed

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