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Rezultati 25.03.2013

Poziv za prijave na projekte:

17 – 26. April 2013 “Stop Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking!” is a TC (which participates 30 participants from 15 countries) Srbija, Vrnjacka banja – 2 ucesnika

Youth are at the greatest risk of poverty due to economic crisis that endangers nearly 80 million people in Europe. Lack of experience and lack of relevant information for life because of lot of serious failures in the formal and informal education and general lack of inclusion of youth in development of policies that tend to solve key problems of youth makes them the most vulnerable category regarding illegal migrations,and therefore the riskiest group in relation to human trafficking. Informing,education and raising awareness of youth on topic of illegal migrations and trafficking through this TC makes relevant information available to those most in need. The aims of TC directly influence the reduction of social exclusion of young. Participants of training will develop and improve their knowledge about term migration and division at regular and irregular and to understand reasons for migration-poverty,unemployment,factor of attraction,need for labor in countries of destination. Understanding of these terms and process will raise level of their awareness about need for active participation on the field of fight against illegal migration and human trafficking. The young will get opportunity to become highly aware citizens of Europe improving their anti discrimination attitudes. This project came from cooperation with old partner organizations and it is follow up of youth exchange”Open your eyes!Mobilizing the community to combat human trafficking” which our organization implemented. Our working method put trainers,facilitators and resource persons in horizontal level with participants and that approach give space to participants to have influence to flow of the project during the whole duration.

15 – 24 May 2013  TC “Play & Change” Macedonia – 2 ucesnika

This project aims to develop participants` skills, teaching them how to use theatre techniques in the sphere of youth work for more inclusively society, thus raising awareness of importance of their active engagement in fighting against marginalization and social exclusion. To gain theatre skills necessary for understanding needs of socially excluded and marginalized young people; To give information about important forms of exclusion with the explicit aim of breaking negative stereotypes; To motivate and encourage the young people to act as multipliers and promote initiatives that would foster inclusion of marginalized groups, especially the Roma youth;  To share knowledge and experiences on challenges to combat marginalization and social exclusion faced by young people from marginalized communities.

17 – 26 May, 2013.  Y.E.”Catch the moment 2013” Koštunići, Serbia – 6 ucesnika

Youth Exchange Catch the moment 2013 aims at promoting volunteerism through
photographs on the theme of volunteering and including messages about promotion of
The project participants would be taking and selecting photographs and written messages for
promotion of volunteerism. Final task will be making Volunteers calendar for 2013/2014. using the photographs and messages for promoting volunteerism.
The project objectives include raising awareness for the opportunities of the EVS program.
The project final product, the Volunteers calendar would serve as a promotion tool and would be offering additional information for those who would like to take part in the EVS experience.
Having fun with other youngsters, learning about other cultures and making lifetime
friendship are also aims of this youth exchange.

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