YiA: We speak out loud!!! in Albania 02-11 June 2011 – 5 youngsters + 1 leader

Youth Exchange: We speak out loud!!!

Venue: Radhime, Vlora , Albania

Date: 02-11 June 2011

5 youngsters + one leader from each country

Project Action 3.1, YE “We speak out loud” will bring together 61 persons (50 participants and 11 youth leaders) from Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and Albania. Project will be held on 02-11 June 2012 in Vlora, Albania

Main aim of YE: To equip participants with new skills in reporting youth activities and using media tools to promote voluntarism in youth work. Main topic for the YE is media and voluntarism.


To promote voluntarism concept to young people and foster their individual participation in community life

To promote the use of mass media as tool for social inclusion

Equip the participants with basic skills of article writing and editing, teaching how to report with effectiveness and creativity the in youth work

To experiment using new media tools to raise youth voices, calling for change in their communities and creating a blog of the new reporters

Promote YiA as a tool that encourages participation of youngsters socially disadvantaged

Project is build up in 3 angles, one is discussion with youngsters about the concept of voluntarism, sharing country realities, discussion why youngsters should volunteer, who and what they can profit from voluntarism. The  2d angle of project will be focused in media tools, participants will have possibility to discus and learn new things on how to write an article, news, a press release, a printed media article, a web page report or a photo-report, all of these to be used as promotional or dissemination of youth work and voluntary activities across SEE and EU. YE will give possibility to participants to learn how to structure a creative writing and how to report on different activities, by  knowing what questions an article shall reply to be interesting for the readers and how the picture you include in the article and the headline plays a role in attracting the interest of people to read it.

Methodology will be Non Formal Education. Specific methods which will be used are: collage, small working groups, drawing, buzz groups, simulation exercise, role play, street action etc.

In the hotel are provided three meals. Participants will be accommodated three persons in the room.  Participants travel costs will be reimbursed in cash during the activity.