Youth in Action 3.1. call for 2 participants 25-31 March 2012, Struga, Macedonia

Call for Participants for International Training Course: “Roma youth participation in youth policy process”  25-31 March 2012, Struga, Macedonia

This TC will enable 24 Roma and Non-Roma Youth workers/leaders and  young people who will participate in the TC to think in the frame of stakeholders’ approach, i.e. why and how all important social stakeholders could support Roma youth participation in youth policy processes and how that benefits wider society.

This training course will tend to achieve the follow aim: “Train and empower Roma young people with competent and responsible participation in international, national and local level, to develop Roma youth policy, associative strategies and political plans aimed at promoting responsible Roma members/leaders in their community/country”.

To reach the general aim of the training course, the objectives are:
    Engage Roma youth in a reflection process to analyze what went well and what could be improved upon in the future;
    Motivate Roma youth for volunteering in institutions, NGOs;
    Develop intellectual skills enabling Roma youth to think critically, to evaluate, to monitor and influence public policy;
    Identify a public policy problem in their community, to research the problem, evaluate alternative solutions, develop their own solution, and create proposal for political action plan;
    Develop practical approaches and methods for translating civic education, youth leaders and intercultural learning into Roma youth engagement on policymaking;
    Building sense for Roma youth cooperation.