Youth in Action 3.1. in Albania we looking for 2 participant

I would like to inform you that the TC “Gender Equality for Youth Participation” will be organized on 8th – 14th March 2012, in Durrës Albania.

The AIM of this Training Course is to provide information, perspectives and resources for deepening and focusing the emphasis of youth and educational activities which address issues related to gender and their impact in youth work.

This training, through applying the non-formal education working methods, will strongly emphasis working with gender and issues of identity, power and safety in groups of young people,  exploring the concept of gender equality in youth work in terms of informal practices of democracy based in a commitment to the equal treatment of individuals.

THE OBJECTIVES of the training include:

• To increase the participants’ knowledge and skills in terms of exploring key concepts like: gender, politics of gender, gender mainstreaming, ethics related issues in youth trainings and projects etc;

• To address key gender related issues concerning youth workers nowadays;

• To raise awareness about the complexity of gender equality in multicultural societies;

• To give practical tips and tools for enhancing gender equality in youth work;

• To create the network of organizations dealing with gender issues;

• To enhance intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding;

• To further explore “Youth in Action” Programme as a significant tool for promoting gender equality within youth work;

• To increase awareness of gender as a social construction in broaden European dimension.


For any issue or question of concern, please do not hesitate to contact us via email,

Thanks a lot and have a very nice week