Javni poziv za 2 učesnika/ce TC Advanced Facilitators Training, KIELCE, Poland 06-13.09.2021

What is it about
We believe that extremely important in working with young people are the
soft skills of youth workers, i.e. their personal, communication and social
skills, which make them able to diagnose the needs of young people and
choose appropriate methods. Another factor determining the effectiveness
of youth workers is their openness, flexibility and understanding of diversity.
These are the features and skills that are worth developing and improving in
people who work with young people. The answer to these needs is training,
during which participants will develop and strengthen selected soft and
intercultural competencies, and will also have space to exchange
experiences. Strengthening these competencies will translate directly into
the quality and efficiency of their work, and thus will have a significant
impact on the development of young people.
A youth worker who is well prepared to work as a facilitator is able to guide
a group so that it achieves s/he intended goals, while taking care of the
development of each of its members.

Partners of project: Regional Volunteer Center (Poland) League of Youth Voluntary Service
(Belarus) Academy of Success (Bulgaria) Mittetulundusuhing Continuous
Action (Estonia) MI HI For Training And Development (Egypt) “MIHI”
(Latvia) Youth Spirit Center (Jordan) Gergart (Georgia) Center of
Strategies for Youth Development (Romania) Biderbost Boscan & Rochin SL
(Spain) Association Youth Volunteers (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Modern
Youth Public Union (Azerbaijan) Armenian Progressive Youth NGO
(Armenia) Associazione Informagiovani (Italy)

The project will bring together 28 youth workers from:
Poland, Belarus, Egypt, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia,
Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Jordan, Italy,
Armenia, Azerbaijan and Spain.
Dates: 06-13.09.2021
Venue: Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Jodełka
Fee: 40 Euro*
Hosting Organization: Regional Volunteer Center
*Due to rising costs of project organising we have introduced a fee of 40EUR.
However, if you cannot contribute to the event by paying the fee, please let us know.
We are not going to ask for the fee from participants who are not able to pay.

Svi zainteresovani kandidati mogu da se prijave popunjavanjem online forme na linku:

Register form for participants – “Advanced Facilitators Training” (google.com)

Javni poziv je otvoren do 25.07.2021.

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