Javni poziv za dva učesnika/ce Gaziantep – Turska, 20-28. juli 2022.

U sklopu projekta “Strenghtening Entrepreneurship Education For Youth Workers” Udruženje “Mladi Volonteri” objavljuje Javni poziv za 2 učesnika/ce na projektu u Turskoj, Gaziantep 20-28. juli 2022.

The aim of the project is; to increase the knowledge, skills, and competence levels of 50 youth workers from 23 participating countries or experts working in the field of entrepreneurship.

The goal of the project will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

1. To increase the awareness of a total of 50 participants from the European Union, Africa, and the Caucasus region in order to encourage and develop entrepreneurship in the current economic environment,

2. To raise awareness among young people from 24 organizations about the importance of young entrepreneurs and their role in shaping the future of European society,

3. To encourage young people with fewer opportunities to develop entrepreneurial ideas,

4. To enable them to learn to develop concrete business plans (start-ups) in a multicultural environment.

*Svi troškovi (prevoz, smještaj i hrana) su plaćeni.

Svi zainteresovani kandidati mogu se prijaviti popunjavanjem online forme na linku:

Application form

Javni poziv je otvoren do 27.05.2022.

Udruženje “Mladi Volonteri”