Javni poziv za tri učesnika za projekat u Makedoniji

Open call for 3 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina for TC Fighting Antigypsyism through grassroots actions, Struga, Macedonia, October 15 – 23.2016

Fighting Antigypsyism through grassroots actions is a long term project which has the main aim of this project is Enabling young Roma and pro-Roma activists to fight Antigypsyism by taking civic initiatives at local level and disseminating through online tools and social media.


To bring young Europeans together in a joint effort to fight Antigypsyism

To explore the concept of Antigypsyism, its manifestations and identify effective responses

To increase the competences of 33 young Roma and non-Roma activists from 11 countries,

To create initiatives and activities with young people on combating Antigypsyism, at local level.

To able participants and their respective organisations and networks to use and disseminate the existing toolkit on combating Antigypsyism

To exchange of practices and networking among participants, as well transferring experiences to local context

To identify further support measures and actions within the framework of the Erasmus plus program (& Roma Youth Action Plan) for combating Antigypsyism.

To further develop key competencies of young Roma activists

To Promote empowerment, participation and the active citizenship of young people

To establish a solid ground for future international cooperation.

For this reason the project has two main components: 1) Learning through non-formal Education; 2) Practicing by taking concrete actions (e.g. youth event and local campaigns on April 8th – International Roma Day, and May 16th – Romani resistance day).

The comming activity is a Trainig Course, that will be organised in Struga.

Aplication form: fa_ga-aplication-form-training-course


Popunjenu aplikaciju poslati na mail: volonteriyia@gmail.com  najkasnije do 05.10.2016.