I was so curious before I came to Visoko. Thats why I live in Istanbul. Istanbul is really big city and to live there it's so different. It's not like a Visoko.But I do not like to live in big city. It's my first reason to come. Here is a small city and you can find a lot of cilent places.When I came to Visoko I was really excited to be here. Thats the reason, here is like my paradise .when I saw the Visoko i really like it and I was so happy to be here. Bosnian cultures are really close to Turkish cultures. Bosnian people espacially Visoko`s people, they really like the Turkish people. They like to help us. I want to tell one of my story in Visoko. One day I was walking on the street. One old man, tryed to tell me something but i dont understand anything. The reason is, I do not speak Bosnian. I just said to him I am sorry i don't understand anything, I don't speak Bosnian, I came from Turkey. After that situtation the old man start to pray a God. Actually I do not understand nothing, but when he open his arm to say about Turkish people I just understand he was a really happy to see Turkish people in Visoko. I'm a EVS volunteer in Association ”Youth Volunteers, and I'm happy to be here. When I talk to people they ussualy asking to me: ”Do you like Visoko?”…I said yes, I really like it. That is so interesting for them.Thats the reason maybe 70% Bosnian people want to live a big city but for me… I like to live n a small and cilent city. I want to say thanks, to all Bosnian people, espacially for those who are living in Visoko. Thanks a lot. I feel like I am in the heaven


cihanWrited by Cihan Kokel