Potrebna 2 ucesnika za trening u Albaniji

Training course, Action 3.1 “Leaders of Future: Developing Leadership Skills” will be implemented from Together for life association from 5- 12 October 2012 in Albania and will bring together 26 participants from different organisation from EU and SEE.


This activity is a seven day training programme focused on providing youth leaders, peer leaders and youth workers with skills concerning leadership, team-building, active European citizenship and participation of young people.

As a result of this TC, participants will increase their competencies in empowering young people to be more active citizens, to reveal and nurture leadership in youngsters and to involve them more in community and social life and to be responsible for themselves and those around them.

The training course is part of  our organisation’s key activities – we regularly organise leadership courses for young people from all backgrounds. This course will allow for sharing of together for life experience with European organisations as well as to network and build new partnerships with youth groups across the continent for future Youth in Action work.

The main theme of the project is leadership – the ability to bring about change which uplifts and benefits others. A good youth leader is one who is able to connect with their true passion, intent and inner wisdom, in order to unlock their potential for the good of all, including peers, community, country and the world.

This training programme will focus on leadership in its two principal dimensions.

First of all, the training will equip youth workers with tools to develop and access the inner resources of potential youth leaders. Leaders need to be aware of what is going on within them, their intent, their visions, their actions. It helps them to draw more fully on the whole range of capabilities and energies in delivering their leadership, it helps them to stay fresh and strong in the service of the need in front of them.

The second tier of the project will focus on helping young leaders to deliver the skills and abilities required to deliver this leadership in practice. These abilities include giving direction, setting up tasks and projects and ensuring delivery, as well as developing and growing the people who work with and around the leader.

Youth leadership, as it is understood in this project, requires the engagement with people individually and in society and the ability to work with this understanding in the service of one’s own society. Participants of this TC will be better able to foster young leaders, so that they meet the needs of their communities and societies through service as transformational leaders, and help to bring about change which addresses young people’s needs and interests.

The training course will train youth workers in bringing out leadership skills in young people they work with, foster peer leaders, and address issues of citizenship, participation and youth empowerment. All of the above are in the best interest of young people and an opportunity more for their employment in the future.


-Development of leadership skills for youth workers and youth leaders

-Fostering team-building skills for youth workers and youth leaders

-Development of facilitation skills for youth workers and youth leaders

-Promoting active European citizenship

-Fostering active participation of young people in community life

-Promoting the use of Youth in Action Programme as a tool for leadership skills development

Methodology of the training will be based in non formal education. Some of methods we will use are: small working groups, buzz group, ranking, open group discussion, simulation exercise, role play, debate and other methods)