Rezultati selekcije i novi poziv za seminar u Srbiji i Albaniji

Rezultati selekcije: Rezultati selekcije ucesnika 23.01.2014.

                                          Novi pozivi za seminare:

Study Visit “On The Road of Rural Development” 03- 11 February 2014 Struga, Macedonia – 1 ucesnik
The Study visit is a follow up project that will provide a possibility for youngsters from different EU and SEE countries to come to Macedonia for eight days and explore the possibilities for cooperation with organizations around rural villages in Macedonia but also with organizations around Europe for new projects concerning volunteering and employability of young people with fewer opportunities , youth from rural areas and marginalized youth. The study-visit will provide a platform for starting new partnerships and developing new youth projects. The participants are coming from 20 countries. The participants, youth workers and coordinators of international exchange, will visit various Macedonian organizations, which are working with the Youth in Action Programme or are interested to start to work with Youth in Action, as well as explore and exchange best youth work practices and the most successful project ideas.

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TC “Media Understanding & Social Empowerment” Albanija, Korca – 12-19 February 2014 – 3 ucesnika

This is a TC for youth workers, youth project managers and volunteers that will introduce them to the contexts, forms and tools of social media. Main aim of this course is to equip learners with the knowledge, critical thinking ability, and practical skills they need to improve the effectiveness of their work and meet the personal, professional, and civic challenges posed by social media. Participants will become familiar with a range of online communication tools, analyze their uses and implications, explore how social media can help non-governmental organizations to increase active participation and citizenship of young people, to foster inclusion, to achieve organizational goals and promote their causes. The knowledge acquired will be immediately applied as participants will develop a concrete social media strategy for their organizations or projects at the end of the course.
On this TC we will have participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Albania as hosts.

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TC ”The change element” Frushka Gora, Irshki Venec, Serbia, 20-28. February, 2014- 1 učesnik

International volunteering activities and initiatives require a serious deal of organization, coordination and management skills in order to implement the initiative properly. Thus, this TC will provide the participants with skills and knowledge of the two main aspects theoretical knowledge needed to promote volunteering and recruit volunteers and organizations skills to be a part of an
international team that will put into operation international volunteering schemes and ideas.
The main purpose and goal of the organizers of the TC is to bring the values and benefits that volunteering offers to the youngsters of the partner organizations involved in this training. The TC is a follow up project and it will take place in Irig for 8 days (excluding
travel) with 40 participants.

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TC ”From idea to reality- Entreprenaurship, Pogradec, Albania, 23-30. March, 3 učesnika

Training course “From idea to reality-Entrepreneurship” has the aim to train young people with fewer opportunities to capture opportunities and creatively use the resources from their surroundings in making innovative enterprising initiatives.

The project is particularly designed to focus on how young leaders perceive the possibilities in their surroundings and on the development of their abilities to take advantage of what they have and build innovative, enterprising ideas jointly with their youth groups and in their youth organizations.

Project will also focus on how youth can approach individually to the issues of unemployment, motivating them to actively think, using methodology of non formal – learning and learning by doing.

The methods used during the TC are creative combination of individual, small and big working groups and tasks, using of different audiovisual tools, using own experiences, theoretical inputs, personal stories, individual, pair and group reflection, evaluation, feedback.

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