Rezultati selekcije i novi poziv za seminare u Albaniji i Makedoniji

Rezultati selekcije: Rezultati selekcije učesnika 07.02.2014.

Novi pozivi za seminare:


TC ”From idea to reality- Entreprenaurship”  23-30. March, Pogradec, Albanija- 1 učesnik

Training course “From idea to reality-Entrepreneurship” has the aim to train young people with fewer opportunities to capture opportunities and creatively use the resources from their surroundings in making innovative enterprising initiatives.

The project is particularly designed to focus on how young leaders perceive the possibilities in their surroundings and on the development of their abilities to take advantage of what they have and build innovative, enterprising ideas jointly with their youth groups and in their youth organizations.

Project will also focus on how youth can approach individually to the issues of unemployment, motivating them to actively think, using methodology of non formal – learning and learning by doing.

The methods used during the TC are creative combination of individual, small and big working groups and tasks, using of different audiovisual tools, using own experiences, theoretical inputs, personal stories, individual, pair and group reflection, evaluation, feedback.

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SV ”EUROPEANS- Different but similar” 05-11 April, Bitola, Macedonia- 3 učesnika

• The Study visit “EUROPEANS – Different but similar” will be implemented in three cities in Macedonia
: Skopje, Struga and Bitola, and will gather project managers, youth workers, coordinators,
supervisors, presidents, vice-presidents of NGO sector to meet with people from same field of their
work in order to get some more ideas concerning improvement of their work, approach, human
resource management, facing with differences and similarities between the NGO's. The participants
will have the opportunity to meet successful decision makers from the NGO and also from the
business sector, where on those meetings they will have the opportunity to realize their differences
and similarities as EUROPEAN citizens and, facing the facts, positive and negative sides of working in
EU/outside of EU. The aim of this project is to show to all actors good examples of leadership, to give
them as well ideas for improvement of their work and team.

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Na seminare se mogu prijaviti svi clanovi udruzenja “Mladi Volonteri”.    Poziv je otvoren do 14. 02. 2014.  

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Za ove seminare vaze pravila Youth in Action programa, smjestaj i hrana su placeni 100%, uz prilozene originalne karte, organizator isplacuje 70% ukupnih putnih troskova !