Rezultati selekcije ucesnika 22.08.2013 i ponovni poziv za seminare

Rezultati selekcije za seminare:


Novi poziv za projekte:

01-09 September 2013 Y.E. “All the colours of the rainbow” Tirana, Albania – 1 ucesnik

This youth project aims to support young people on the path to building an inclusive society by giving a voice to the concerns of young people who experience different kinds poverty marginalization and social exclusion and to inspire participants from different countries to be engaged publicly in these important issues. Street theater or street performance is a tool to effectively express the concerns and feelings of those experiencing poverty as well as educate the general public about the complexity of their situation and inspire a more inclusive approach to poverty. Participants will have the possibility to be aware of cultural differences and learn about other cultures through working in international groups. Youngsters with fewer opportunities also will aware to raise up the voice, fight for their rights and the importance of trial to make a change in life. This YE will be a starting point for youth leaders to work back in local communities and fostering other youngsters to become entrepreneurs. This can lead to social development of marginalized groups in the society. Through this YE we aim to foster a better understanding of poverty and social exclusion of marginalized youngsters. We are committed to ensure that the project will reinforce the civic attitudes of participants and their awareness of how important this mentality is in building an inclusive society today. We want to show that together, by focusing on our similarities, we can build a more human society based on respect and inclusion of European diversity. This project will give diverse youngsters, Roma and others, the possibility to voice their concerns as well as to speak up and engage with these important problems. Through this YE we also aim to give participants the first spark which will lead them to future entrepreneurship initiatives. Art and entrepreneurship will be very well engaged and participants will gain the skills on how to use art in a productive way towards employment. The project will also give these youngsters the possibility to meet new people, collaborate on international group work. Participants will also learn how to use intercultural learning in the society. The activities which will be proposed, and lastly will conclude in a group street performance will be composed interactively and demonstrate a creative way to tackle social problems.

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Youth Exchange EMPLOYED IS COOL – EPIC will be held from 25th September – 3rd October 2013, Koštunići, Serbia – 1 ucesnik

Main theme of youth exchange EMPLOYED IS COOL – EPIC is employment regarding on eco-tourism, sustainable development and entrepreneurship, also helping the young people to seek and get grip on their best option for better future.The project participants will be involved into health workshops like “promotion of healthy lifestyles” during which they will have sport activities and they will have outdoor activities – designing, making and painting wooden signs for local “health path”.The project objectives include raising awareness about the job opportunities in their countries and also in Europe. The project final product, movie about YE and job opportunities, would serve as a promotion tool and would be offering additional information for those who would like to improve their professional aspects.Having fun with other youngsters, learning about other cultures and making lifetime friendship are also aims of this youth exchange.

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Application form for participants YE – EMPLOYED IS COOL – EPIC

1-7 October 2013 T.C. “emPOWERing Skills”, Tirana, ALBANIA – 3 učesnika

The AIM of this activity is that aims to bring together youth workers, leaders and youth activist,  to empower them on the entrepreneurial skills, through the use of non formal education methodology. The training will explore the concept of Social inclusion and exclusion, employment and unemployment topic for youngsters with disadvantages, sharing information, best practices on youth projects and country realities. Combating social exclusion and poverty, deepen the meaning of empowerment of youngsters with fewer opportunities and how it is searched in various sectors of life (economy, politics, education and health). The seven days Training will be implemented by using the non-formal education approach, the experiential learning and the learning by doing methodology, through the use or several methods such as:group work, discussion, role plays, simulations, debates, trust building games, presentations, etc.

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Training course „Simply make it happen!“  1-11 of  October 2013, Podgorica, MNE

This training hosted by Elos Nederland in close cooperation with ADP-Zid will gather together 28 participants coming from Netherlands, Croatia, Estonia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania, Greece, Romania and Spain. The venue will be in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro.

The aim is to realize a dream of one local community in Skopje and to learn and experience a new methodology of local development in communities called “Oasis game”. The participants will deepen their knowledge in how to promote concrete changes of individual cultures in a community, how to transfer needs and dreams into the action in community and how to disseminate values that can hardly be assimilated by intercultural learning. This training will be realized in capital and will last 9 working days. One of our main objectives will be active citizenship of young people and inclusion of those with fewer opportunities. With following the steps of this methodology the group will be actively involved in the community development and improvement of their life conditions. It is important to mention that the business sector of Montenegro will be also present in the project as will some institutions. Within the frames of the objectives of YiA Program we want to give the participants an opportunity to actively experience, and then create a concrete voluntary activity based on distilled needs of the local community which will have elements of interactive game and close neighbourhood action with celebration dance of successful joint activity.

PARTICIPATION FEE: Participation fee will be 25euros. Once your application will be selected, you will need to pay 50euros of participation (25euros for participation + 25 that will be returned after you pass whole program) on ADP-Zid account (instruction will be sent together with results of selection). Additional 25euros that you are paying in advance will not be returned in case you cancel your participation on TC. Upon receiving confirmation about bank transaction of your participation fee you can book your flights.

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Aplication form TC OASIS

T.C. PEACE ON YOU !    BUSTENI,ROMANIA ,21-29 November 2013

 Arrival day : 21 november 2013   ;    Departure day : 29 november 2013

Partnership : 37 participants from 28 organizations from 21 countries – impressive,isn’t it ???

Trainers : there is staff that will coordinate the workshops formed by Tolea and Catalina ,Bela Csuta – Hungary and Andrzey Smyk – Poland , but anyone is welcome to propose activities,exercises ,workshops.We want to be OUR project like a group united and to have good results together.

Venue :  Busteni , Romania

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Na seminar se mogu prijaviti svi clanovi udruzenja “Mladi Volonteri”. Popunjenu aplikacionu formu poslati na mail

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