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Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia , YOUTH EXCHANGE, 06-16.11.2013. Fetaures Leders  of Europe


–  Duration: 11 days (06.11 arrival  – departure 16.11)

–  Date of activity: 06-16.11.2013

–  Venue:  Vrnjačka Banja

–  Groups:  4 young people plus 1 group leader (no limit age)

–  Work language: English.


The project will be realized in Serbia and it’s entitled ‘’Future Leaders of Europe’’. Aims of the project are:

–  increasing youth abilities as citizens and their involvement in making decisions

–  Increasing the awareness of the youth of their own potential

– Strengthening the leadership qualities of the youth

–  Exchanging the role model internships and successful examples of the leadership

–  Application of gained knowledge and absorbed model in the countries that participate

–  Building a multicultural cooperation that will be promoted through further work of participants after the project has been finished, in the participating countries


Using the methods of the group work, active discussions, role-play, and simulation games, participants will acquire knowledge and necessary abilities and in the same time they will recognize and further develop ability of taking the responsibility and making the decisions. Gained skills will be applied in the future both in their personal and professional growth, and by taking the leading role in their environment or any other segment of life they will immensely contribute to the development of local community

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Activities dates: 05-11 December 2013 (05 is arrival day, 11 is departure day)

Venue: Konya, TURKEY

Type: 3.1 Youth Exchange

Partners: Romania, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina,Ukraine,Georgia,Egypt, Turkey (host)

Participants: 4+1 group leader form each country

Age: 18-25 (no age limit for the group leader) “Let’s Share Cultures Overcome Problems” is a multilateral Youth Exchange that will take place in Konya, Turkey between 05-11 of December 2013. The project brings together 35 youngsters from Turkey, Romania,Egypt, Bosnia-Herzegovina,Ukraine,Georgia and Croatia.

The Project aims to realize youngsters about similarities and differencies , problems and benefits oru different cultures. Konya was a capital city in Anatolian Seljuk Empire and Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi reveal his tolerance and love to whole world from here. Our project theme is to reveal ethnic groups cultural diversity and to show its pros and cons. With this theme our aim is to with the scope of tolerance, respect and love to improve dialogue and strenghten unity. In our project , first of all, participation will introduce their corporants and we strenghten unity with cultural nights, sports activities and with tours. Our project is going to be held between 5-11 December.

In our project , with workshops, we will express in a democratic manner , the social and economic rights of ethnic groups, places they live and their problems. We will generally practice our methods visual and audial. Our aim is to reveal the creavity and spirit of entrepneurship of our participants at the end of the project. Our another aims is to , when they leave Konya and return their homelands, they will effect the other people. We will compose cultural diversity with the young participants who come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Ukraine, Croatia, Egypt and Romania. With this cultural diversity , throughout 7 days, we will effort to please our participant friends and we ensure for their happy returning to their homelands.

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