Young Professionals „Say no to bullies“

The project “Say no to bullies”, organized in Poland, with 31 participants from 13 partnership organizations: Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Italy, Greece, Egypt and Great Britain, as well as the representatives of Voluntary Labour Corps. The purpose of the seminar was to increase the knowledge on mobbing, sexual harrasement, discrimination and their health consequences. Participants shared their knowledge on these subjects regarding the law in their countries. The main point of the seminar was the Seminar Open Day and it gathered the representatives of employers, job offices, students and academic workers. After the seminar's activities the participants went sightseeing to the Muzeum of Majdanek and the Lublin Castle Museum. During the intercultural evening every group prepared a presentation about their organization and their country.

The participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Association Youth Volunteers after taking part in this project organized workshops for young people to share experiences and knowledges.

The main aim of project was to introduce Youth people about Bullying, to wake up their conscience, so they can spread that idea in society. It took 15 days, and seven workshops with trainers and participants.

The workshop started with question „What is bullying?“. The common conclusion is that bullying can happen to everyone and million of children around the world are bullied every year, but there are things that can be done to solve that problems.

The mostly opinion is that bullying make people to feel bad or it hurts them, and it can happen at school, out of school or online. Bullying includes:

  • calling people mean names
  • laughing at people
  • telling lies about people
  • taking someone's things without permission
  • not letting someone play in group
  • hitting people

What is cyberbullying?

Online cyberbullying includes:

  • sending mean messages
  • sharing photos without pemission
  • not letting someone be part of an online group

What can we do?

We offered to young people solutions for this kind of situations. If someone is mean to them, they should tell to adults, for example parents or teacher.

Blocking person who sends mean messages online can be solution for cyberbullying without any reply.

Training is finished with addvices to young people:

  • Say sorry if you are mean to someone
  • You can write a message or talk to person
  • Think about how to be kind in the future

We can all help you to say no to bullying!