Youth in Action T.C. 3.1. „Don`t attack my identity“ We are looking for partner (Just EU country )

„Don`t attack my identity“ 01.03.2013. – 10.03.2013 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

YiA  3.1.  T.C.   we need JUST  EU country for partner

People coming from different backgrounds are facing many prejudices, stereotypes. The source of this behavior we can find in fact that the society is not aware of identity issues and has no information about the lives of people coming from different backgrounds. Lack of information can very easily lead to misunderstandings and potential conflicts.
To change the perception of majority as life conditions of migrants and minority is significantly important that people coming from, will raise their voices and stop being silent that they will take active role in their local communities. It is more than important in small cities where no bridging activities as implemented for example by NGOs or local authorities.
In these cases is significantly important that members of the minorities will become active – will become drivers of the change and they will start to take steps to change the situation.
The goal of this training course is to empower young people coming from different background, provide them possibility to get new skills and knowledge and increase their ability to create projects tackling and solving the common community problems.
To support change in this areas the training course focus on following areas – creating campaigns that are spreading strong messages of change and breaking “traditional” conviction by using all resource, to share information; fight against conviction about discrimination and stigmatization of people coming from different backgrounds.
If you want to be partner please send Partner III scanned version and Partner identification on e-mail: till 22.05.2012