Call for partner „We can do it !“ 01.02.2013-10.02.2013

We need just EU country YiA 3.1. T.C.

Description of project

The main purpose and goal of the organizers of this training course is to bring the values and benefits that volunteering offers to the youngsters of the partner organizations involved in this training. Its something new in Bosnia and Herzegovina, because just this year 2012 we have a low about voluntarism. Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways and trough volunteering one can make a real difference to people living in the toughest circumstances. Most people volunteer because they want to give something back and find they get much more in return. Volunteering often is a foundation for a long-term, sustainable solution of the challenge the community faces.

The social capital generated by volunteering plays a key role in economic regeneration of any society. Where poverty is endemic to an area, poor communities lack friends and neighbors able to help. Thus, voluntary mutual aid or self-help is an important safety net. This model works well within a state because there is a national solidarity in times of adversity and more prosperous groups will usually make sacrifices for the benefit of those in need.

We can nothing compares with the satisfaction of translating generosity into practical, life-changing achievements.

International volunteering activities and initiatives require a serious deal of organization, coordination and management skills in order to implement the initiative properly. Thus, this training course will provide the participants with skills and knowledge of the two main aspects – theoretical knowledge needed to promote volunteering and recruit volunteers and organizations skills to be a part of an international team that will put into operation international volunteering schemes and ideas. The training course will take place in Sarajevo and will last for 9 days (excluding travel).