My Erasmus+ experience in Romania

My name is Aida Cavcic. Being a member of youth association ”Youth Volunteers” from Visoko, I participated in the training course in Romania, called ”All the world is a stage”, which focused on the issues of ethnic minorities and whose aim was to teach us the ways in which we, as youth workers, can improve and promote the inclusion of ethinc minorities in our societies. The project took place from 6th to 15th December 2017. We used a lot of methods during the project, many of which will help me in my career as well. The experience I went through was really great and it’s definitely going to have an impact on my future plans. I have learned a lot, broaden my horizons, met many people from various countries and get familiar with Romanian tradition and culture. Some of people I met at the project may be our partners in future projects. During the project, we made 3 videos on the topic, and you can watch them all here:

1. Beautiful people  –

2. All the world’s a Mafia –

3. Make a move –

We also created two forum theatre plays, which will be edited soon.

I am really grateful both to my sending organization and to people who organized the project, since it really represents something important in my life.

You can also check some pictures taken during the project.