Javni poziv za dva učesnika, projekat ERASMUS+ Crna gora

Mobility activity I: Training Course of youth workers about education of peer educators in aim to prevent and fight against gender violence

Activity date: 05. – 14. February 2016.

Venue: Adria hotel, Bar, seaside of Montenegro

Training Courses in this project are aimed for education of peer educators and youth workers with purpose to raise awareness about gender based violence, among young men and women, boys and girls as well as to young people with various sexual preferences. This new knowledge which will help to all of us to live in more inclusive society. Participants will learn facts and rights in this field of life, and how to use facts and knowledge to fight for free human beans and against prejudices and taboos.

Parallel aim is to gather more than 34 young persons from 17 countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Hungary, FYR Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and Montenegro and give them opportunity to get know each other better, braking the prejudices and stereotypes and building European spirit.


Specific goal: To build capacities and skills of youth workers in the field of prevention of gender based violence. Also, with this project we want to raise awareness about this issue – how girls, young women and LGBTQ persons suffer from violence. We will target violence which is happening in „face to face“ situations, violence as part of domestic environment and on line violence. General goal: to decries gender based violence among and over youth and promote culture of non-violence.

We'll implement methods of non-formal learning: workshops, PP presentations, role-plays, debates, forum-theatre, watching movies, energizers, outdoor activities and public actions.

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