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”Healthy Europe”, 03- 11. Oktobar, Poranin, Poljska, 2 učesnika;

This seminar titled “Healthy Europe” will take place in Poronin, Poland 03 – 11. 10. 2015 gathering 28 young people and youth workers and 2 coaches from 14 countries of EU and partner countries: Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Greece, Georgia, Spain, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy and Poland.

The project will concentrate on healthy lifestyle in Europe and influence of its promotion on life of young people and the society they live in. “Sitting” lifestyle, unhealthy habits of eating, addictions and diseases, remain one of the most significant problems of today's Europe especially in those areas that remain out of EU regulations.

The main goals of seminar are:
– giving young people space and time present their everyday work, share experiences and knowledge of ways of promoting healthy lifestyle among young people
– exchange of good practices
– debating the status of health in different countries and their realities
– learning new techniques for promotion of positive aspects of healthy lifestyle
– strengthening future cooperation and engagement of young people in creating a better approach to youth problems
– reflection over social insurance problems and equal opportunity programs in Europe

Seminar has also a goal of increasing the quality of support systems for empowering position of young people in issues concerning health. What is more, it will concentrate on chances and possibilities of development of intercultural dialogue, future international cooperation and common projects. Using non-formal education tools participants will be engaged in integration activities, plenary discussions, round table and activities implemented as group or individual work, like brainstorming, analyses, self-evaluation.

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