Hitno – Poziv za seminar u Portugalu

TC “UnReSt: Unveiling Religious Stereotypes”

Porto, Portugal – 02nd – 10th November 2013 – 1 učesnik


“UnReSt: Unveiling Religious Stereotypes” is a project that intends to raise awareness to the existence of negative religious
stereotypes and, subsequently, focus on promoting interfaith dialogue. Therefore, we will analyse some of the causes behind
religious conflicts, addressing threats to peace, security and social cohesion and thus try to prevent the negative impact of religious
The coordinator of the project is ConnectART, a youth association from Portugal which will host a Training Course in Porto
with 34 young people from 10 countries from the European Union and neighboring partner countries, representing various religions.
In order to ensure a valuable and unique learning experience we will be working with different techniques, mostly nonformal
education methods, like discussions and debates, work in small or bigger groups, participate in simulation or roleplay
activities, directly contact with the local population or use different media resources.”

Na seminar se mogu prijaviti svi clanovi udruzenja “Mladi Volonteri”.  Poziv je  otvoren 3 dana.  Popunjenu aplikacionu formu poslati na mail volonteriyia@gmail.com

Za ove seminare vaze pravila Youth in Action programa, smjestaj i hrana su placeni 100%, uz prilozene originalne karte (boardnig pass), organizator isplacuje 70% ukupnih putnih troskova