Javni poziv za 1 ESC volontera/ku u Turskoj Konya od 09.06.2022 – 09.06.2023

Who Are We
We are Kilicarslan Youth Center.
Our organization called Kilicarslan Youth Center works on youth activism, youth mobilities, local international activities, and strategic partnerships.
Our mission is to provide the benefit of the youth to humanity by combining all of their capacity for production on track participation in democracy is based on the principle the voluntariness and transparency. We are working with young people to discover their potential and motivate them in order to improve their personal development through nonformal education and informal learning and, to get into the act in the national and international area for contributing to the Turkish Republic by raising awareness about our country's historical, social, cultural, scientific, strategical, and geopolitical knowledge
without any profit-making purpose.
Our vision is Konya Metropolitan Municipality aims to provide to today's youth, which is the future's public director, the participation in the individual, social, cultural, scientific, artistic, and sporty activities and the opportunity being able to speak knowledgeably or authoritatively about everything .

The objectives of the Project are to increase the social participation of refugees get into touch with more refugee children organize different events to integrate refugee children into society to enable participants to be included in the labor market to contribute to the awareness of the Erasmus + project to develop the talents and competences of individuals who work in the field of youth, refugees and human rights, which is among the goals of the European Solidarity Corps to create the social environment with workshops, sports and arts activities in order to improve the abilities and skills of refugee children to contribute to the personal and social development of young people regardless of their educational level. The difficulty of finding a job, which is one of the problems frequently encountered by young people in recent years, reduces the motivation of young people. The training that young people receive within the scope of Erasmus + programs enables them to grow up as qualified individuals. In this way, they are being
more easily employed.

What Are The Effects Of The Project On The Participants
The project develops the skills, behaviors, and attitudes of young people who participated
in the program. Social adaptation of young people develops. Thanks to the project, young people have the opportunity to get to know new cultures and people and increase their self-confidence. Thanks to the project, young people's proficiency levels rise. The project is facilitating active participation in society and nonformal learning methods that assist refugees in the process of developing their active citizenship are implemented.

Participant Profile at least 18 years old with at least an intermediate level of English With at least a basic level of Turkish being present for the whole training being an active youth worker/trainer NGO worker/teacher or looking to work with youth in the future motivated to youth projects creative.

Our Target Audience
Our target audience is refugee children and young people.

Financial Conditions
Food and accommodation are fully covered by the organizers with the support of the
European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail: kilicarslan.eu@konya.bel.tr

Svi zainteresovani treba da pošalju CV i motivaciono pismo na engleskom jeziku putem e-maila: volonteriyia@gmail.com ili kilicarslan.eu@konya.bel.tr