Javni poziv za 3 volontera/ke ESC projekat “Be the Voice of Youth”, Gençlik ve Spor Il Mudurlugu Cankiri /TURKEY, 8 mjeseci

Gençlik ve Spor Il Mudurlugu Cankiri /TURKEY

In addition to giving sports courses in many branches, it also carries out dozens of social, cultural and artistic activities
through the youth center it has. Again, with the dormitory services directorate within its body, it not only meets the
accommodation needs of young people studying at university in our city, but also gives place to sports, cultural and artistic activities in KYK. Dozens of sports facilities and KYK dormitories, camp training center meet the sports and shelter needs of our city to a large extent. Our target groups include all our people, from 7 to 70, who are devoted to culture, art and sports. Our directorate, which includes school sports, also provides financial support by carrying out official transactions and transactions for our students, who set their hearts on school sports, to participate in local, group and Turkey championship competitions. In addition, in terms of regular activities, sending athletes to local competitions, group competitions, Turkey championships, carrying out all kinds of official transactions and financial transactions of the athletes and coaches participating in the sports activities organized by the General Directorate of Sports and federations, and the duties and responsibilities undertaken as the host are also included takes.
Opening all kinds of culture and art courses in our city with our youth center, providing space and financial opportunities, organizing trips and cultural visits, carrying out the financial and official business and transactions of these organizations, and providing opportunities for students to spend their accommodation, eating, drinking and leisure time with our KYK Directorate. and guides with expert staff.

ESC volunteers can apply regardless of their language, religion, ethnicity, race, gender, education level or political view.
Priority will be given to young people who can easily adapt to the project, have strong communication skills, are willing
to learn, cheerful (smiling), hardworking, innovative, compatible with working with a team, experienced in youth work,
and have effective communication skills.
The qualifications sought in our volunteers are as follows.
1st and 2nd Volunteers: They will also work with young people in KYK (Credit Dormitories Institution) and Youth Center;

  • At least 18 years old
  • Experienced or willing to learn about youth work
  • Have enough computer skills to use office programs and monitor websites to support leaders in the office
  • Knowing various games for young people or being a researcher in this field
  • Being open to innovative approaches.

Volunteer: They will work with our groups of athletes;

  • At least 18 years old – Having a command of sports branches, having experience in organizing competitions or being willing to learn
  • Having enough computer skills to use Office programs and follow the website to provide support to the Sports Office
  • Knowing various games for young people or being a researcher in this field
  • Being open to innovative approaches. Our volunteers, who will work in Çankırı Provincial Directorate of Youth and
    Sports, must have a minimum level of English proficiency in order to establish a dialogue with our youth.
    It is important for them to have a sufficient level of language to communicate with the participants of the youth center KYK (Credit Dormitories Institution) and sports organizations so that they can adapt to the environment more quickly and collaborate with young people. Before our volunteers arrive, they will share their experiences with our units by conducting research on youth work and how sports organizations are carried out in their own countries. While our volunteers observe and learn how we implement our work in these areas, we will have the opportunity to transfer their good examples. Even if they have no experience with these studies, our volunteers must be willing to learn. It is important that they have at least moderate knowledge and experience in youth work and sports activities, register as members, and include young people in our work. If they know computer programs, they will be able to provide support to our office workers and leaders when necessary. Having a minimum level of English is also important in terms of establishing a dialogue with young people. It is important for them to develop new activity and organizational ideas and to have the ability to put them into practice, and to be able to carry out productive and impressive works. For these reasons, priority will be given to innovative, willing and talented volunteers
    Project Özeti:
    Our project is an ESC volunteering project that we will carry out with the”Compass Európai Ifjúsági Közösségért Egyesület” Institution as Çankırı Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports. Sports Directorate of Çankırı Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate; It has a structure with sub-directorates including the Youth Center Directorate and KYK Directorate. More than 5000 university students from all over the country are accommodated in our dormitories affiliated with KYK, which is a sub-unit of our institution. There are 5540 female and 5609 male volunteer young people registered in our youth center, which is one of our subunits. In our sports unit, we have 48 registered sports clubs and 10874 male and 6169 female licensed athletes in different branches operating directly under our directorate. Again, as it is provided by our institution in the coordination of school sports, we work directly with hundreds of middle and high school students in dozens of branches. As you can see, we have a structure that works directly with a large youth audience. Projects unit has been established in our institution. The task of our projects unit is to prepare and execute EU and other projects. It is our duty to train young groups on project preparation, to inform them about EU opportunities, to encourage project preparation and to guide the project preparation stages, to develop cooperation with institutions and NGOs in Europe, to ensure that our young people meet with their peers and do joint work. We want to reach young people about the project directly through the volunteers we plan to host within the scope of our “Be the Voice of Youth” project, increase their desire to learn, research, prepare projects and transfer good examples. We want to host 3 volunteers within the scope of our project. One of our volunteers will carry out volunteering activities with our youth center members, the second volunteer will work with our students staying in Credit dormitories institution (KYK), and the third volunteer will conduct volunteering activities with our young people who benefit from sports courses and activities. Thanks to this project, our young people will have the opportunity to work with their peers who are EU citizens. The desire for EU citizenship, language learning, and participation in EU projects will increase. They will want to be more involved in volunteer work. They will have studied the EU culture with curiosity and learned directly from their peers and they will have the opportunity to explain their culture to EU citizens.
  • Project achievements of our volunteers;
  • Seeing a different country will increase living there, social and cultural monitoring and learning, teamwork capacity, personal development and self-confidence.
  • They will have knowledge and experience in youth work issues in different countries.
  • After the project process is completed, their professional development awareness will increase.
  • After the project, their motivation to
    participate in EU projects and prepare projects will increase.
  • Their entrepreneurship will increase, they will become more social entrepreneurs.
  • They will learn innovative approaches.
  • They will find the opportunity to learn about the youth policies of a different country.
  • They will find international learning opportunities in youth work.
    Project activity;
    Our project duration is 12 months and 3 volunteers will be hosted within the scope of the project. Our volunteers stay in our city for 8 months. The weekly work plans of our volunteers are as follows; – Evaluation meeting with the coordinator and the project team and making a work plan for the week. – Planning and involvement in studies (courses, training, activities) with volunteers. – Developing games and ideas for youth work. – On-site examination of courses and training areas. Course and training preparations. Supporting the sharing of activities on social media. – Conversation with youth center volunteers. – Turkish language courses. – Visiting students staying in KYK dormitories and encouraging them to participate in EU projects. – Cultural studies, intercultural learning activities. – Volunteers to generate creative ideas for youth work. – Partnering with different countries for EU Projects. –
    Participation in the culture and arts courses opened by the youth center – Encouraging the project learning activities by training with young people. – Visiting KYKs for youth information. – Visit in youth center workshops (robotic coding, music, marbling, relief, theater). Chatting with young people. – Weekly evaluation meeting. Participating in cultural and artistic activities. In addition, our volunteers will take language courses 2 hours a day, 3 days a week, and a total of 6 hours a week. As the project results dissemination activity; The Advisory and Steering Committee for Harmonization with the European Union, which includes public administrators, local government representatives, department chiefs, representatives of nongovernmental organizations, will explain the work carried out in the country and the voluntary activities carried out here. During the trainings that will be attended during the volunteer
    activities, the target group will talk about the volunteer activities and project studies in their own country, provide information about the areas that young people can benefit from, and will ensure the transmission of European opportunities without intermediaries and create a great awareness on the target group. In the bulletins issued by the Governorship, the EVS activities carried out within the External Relations and Coordination Center will be announced and the photographs of the activities will be included in the bulletins, and volunteer activities will be expanded periodically. In the region where the aid organization sent when they return to their country
    of work they do in Turkey, acquired experience Turkish culture, made in social life and the Turkey project training, and conduct an information and dissemination of project applications. 1st and 2nd Volunteer: Since she will work in KYK and Youth Center. – At least 18 years old – Experienced or willing to learn about youth work, – Having enough computer skills to use office programs to support leaders in the office and to monitor websites, – Knowing various games for young people or being a researcher in this field, It is aimed to be open to innovative approaches. 3rd Volunteer: Since she will be assigned in the Sports Branch. – At least 18 years old – To have a command of sports branches, to have competition organization experience or to be willing to learn, – Having enough computer skills to use office programs to support the sports office and to monitor websites, – Knowing various games for young people or being a researcher in this field, – It is aimed to be open to innovative approaches. Volunteers will directly assist our expert staff in planning the activities with our members, preparing the fields of activity and implementation stages. If they wish, they will be able to implement the activities they know or produce by meeting with our staff. If they wish, they will be able to improve their skills by attending courses and activities implemented by our.

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