Javni poziv za dva učesnika, projekat ERASMUS +, KIPAR

ERASMUS+  TC Conflict management and Peace initiatives, Agros village in Cyprus

The dates of the training course is set between 16-23 of April 2016.

  • Arrival day is the 16th April 2016.
  • Departure day is the 23th April 2016, all day

Summary of the project:

The training course (TC) “Conflict Management and Peace initiatives” will take place in Agros village in Cyprus. It is dedicated to promotion of non-violent actions, development of peace initiatives and facilitating network of youth workers and youth leaders. The project will gather 30 young people from several Western, Eastern European and Caucasus countries.

The TC will cover different types of conflicts and in different settings and consequently ways of transforming conflicts by non-violent actions. Crucial attention will be placed on fostering a constructive debate on recent conflicts in Europe and cooperation in the youth field. This will be done by promoting non-violent approaches leading to actions on peace-building and promotion of Human Rights. Moreover, young leaders will discuss the significant role of youth participation in grass-root peace-building initiatives.

The trainers and invited experts will share practical and theoretical knowledge on the topics, through plenary sessions, discussions, workshops, creativity sessions, intercultural & interactive exercises and other non-formal educational methods. Essential throughout the TC is the input and experience sharing from participants.

The project we would like to fulfill aims to promote peaceful conflict resolution, while engaging in an international dialogue. Globalization and global conflicts are a part of everyday life. By bringing together youth leaders from different countries and cultures, we hope to increase their awareness of conflict, and help them develop paths towards resolution. These youth leaders represent their countries and communities, and it is expected they will return to these communities, bringing with them and furthering the understanding of conflict resolution that they will have acquired.

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