Javni poziv za jednog učesnika za projekat u Rumuniji

U sklopu  projekta koju radimo sa partnerskom organizacijom iz Rumunije potreban jedan/na učesnik/ca “ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE – training course – KA1” BUSTENI , ROMANIA – 6-15 december 2017,

Vise o projektu:

ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE is a training course that gathers 4 experts and 29 youth workers from  29 organizations from 28 countries from programme category and neighborhood ones.The activity week will take palce in Busteni between 6-15 december 2017.

The project takes place in a moment when ethnic minorities from Europe are marginalized and discriminated leading to a limited access of their citizens to education,work and social services.The cases expand every year among youngsters with social negative aspects that lead to hate and intolerance

This project wish to be a follow up of our previous one with special results in preparing peace educators.

The aim of the training is to develop youth workers competences and to provide them  new tools for a better social inclusion of ethnic minorities and for eliminate intercultural discrimination.

Specific objectives are offering a common space for reflection on awareness of understanding of importance of cultural diversity in elimination of discrimination tendencies,identification of Europe minorities youngsters ‘ problems and providing tools for limitate intolerance and keeping social peace,dvelopment of specific competences for promotion of mutual rspect,tolerance and social equity and promotion of forum theater and video creation as nonformal education tools for solving the problems of minorities discrimination,expanding cooperation between youngsters from EU and neighbourhood countries through common projects that promote democratic values.

Main activities will be preparation,introduction,getting to know eachother,presentation of organizations and participants,introduction of Erasmus + programme and youthpass certificate,thematic workshops,outdoor activities,intercultural evenings,cultural visits.Tha main workshops will be 2 sections : forum theater and video creation .Evaluation activities will be daily,midterm and final and will be in national groups,reflection groups and in plenary.During the project there will be activities of monitorizing,management and visibility.

Methodology is based on nonformal education and will consist of games,presentations,debates,role plays,simulations , world coffee,forum theater and video.

Expected final results are 2 forum theater plays based on cases identified in preparatory phase and 2-4 videos to promote social integration of ethnic minorities.

Impact of the project will be at the participants level by developing new competences and assimilation of new methods and a better awareness of importance of understanding cultural diversity and role of minorities.The organizations will get more trained youngsters and will be part of a new partnership for expanding youth cooperation in Europe for new projects.The local communities will have youngsters that can be real leaders to promote democratic ideas and will find solution to discrimination problems and human rights violation.

Dissemination of results will be realized by all partners with a DVD and a facebook page created by participants and the fish market results will contribute to project’s sustainability and expanding cooperation between youngsters in frame of Erasmus + according to a cooperation plan for 2018-2020


Please post announcements about the project on your websites,blogs or any other platform and send us some print screens or copies.OBLIGATORY each partner has to send us 2 link to prove promotion and visibility

What should you prepare :

– study cases about minorities in your countries/regions and cases of ethnic or  intercultural discrimination

– for intercultural evening please bring traditional products from your country or region- food and drinks – and also prepare to show us a dance and to sing a song .any other aspect to promote your culture is welcome : leaflets,photos.flag.videos etc. There is no possibility to cook in the kitchen…

-you can be prepared to propose games , energizers,activities for free time or for our workshops

-if you had projects connected with the topic , bring with you good practice examples : leaflets,videos ,photos.

Aplikacijski obrazac: REGISTRATION FORM

Rok za prijavu je do 28.10.2017 godine.

Popunjenu aplikaciju poslati na mail: volonteribih@gmail.com