Javni poziv za seminar u Grckoj

Potrebno ukupno 5 ucesnika za razmjenu 19-28 Maj 2017,  Solun  Grčka,

Info o projektu:

General objective of the project is to make participants  aware of the problem of refugees and to find out if after having seen and personally interacted with the refugees without the filter of the media they think that the decision to close  borders and keep the refugees in the camps can be accepted in the European Union  who put at the base of its constitutive principles and foundational solidarity and respect for human rights or if their integration into European society can be in the future, exceeded the emergency of these days, an opportunity for development, cultural and economic growth.

– Focus attention on refugees’ problems to increase participants’ knowledge of European-wide context in claiming refugee rights;

– Understand how young people perceive the refugees and the positive and negative aspects of their perception;

– Make sure that young people look refugees from a more objective point of view by making them aware of facts about refugees;

– Find out what young people can do to help society to accept refugees;

– Find out to be more sensitive about this issue and to draw on them the attention of more people;

– Promote the project both in Greece and in all the other Countries of the partnership;

– Exchange ideas and work together to build a more inclusive society.

– Improve the involvement of local communities and intercultural understanding;

– Promote the rights of refugees in the light of the results of the project.

Young people aged 18/30 years : 4 participants (preferably 2 men and e women for gender balance)  of which n.3 aged  18 /25 years and n.1 aged  26/30 years.

The basic criteria are, in order of priority, a strong personal motivation – previous participation, at any level, about refugees – with a less privileged background for social or economic or  geographical or family problems.

Leaders must be active youth leaders or youth workers within their respective organizations, motivated to develop participants’ skills on the theme of the project, willing to share with other participants their experience, having  awareness of the importance of their role in the educational process of the project , aware of the importance of protection and safety of participants during the youth exchange.

The venue for the accommodation and for the most part of activities of youth exchange is the four star Hotel Philippion (http://www.philippion.gr/).

The hotel is accessible either by car or by the FREE bus serving the hotel during the day. The buses are going from the hotel to the White Tower and back every one hour.

Arrival day in Thessaloniki, Greeceis 19/05/2017 and departureday is 28/05/2017.


Prevoz je organizovan od strane Udruzenja i polazak je 19. Maja u jutarnjim satima iz Visokog,

Svi učenici plačaju participaciju na projektu organizatoru iznos od 30 eura, te udruzenju Mladi Volonteri iznos od 20KM,

Na poziv se mogu prijaviti svi clanovi Udruzenja drzavljani BiH starosne dobi od 18-30 godina (prednost imaju clanovi starosti do 25 godina).

Aplikacionu formu koja se nalazi na linku: Application-form-Copy popuniti i poslati na mail adresu volonteriyia@gmail.com do 20.03.2017