TC ”ICE” 21-28 April, Prilep, Macedonia- 3 učesnika

The multilateral training course “ICE” will take place in Hotel “Kristal Palas” (, in Prilep, Macedonia, from 21.04. to 28.04.2014. Youth association Info front – Prilep will be the host and organiser of the project.
The project's theme is promoting the ICE concept (Initiative-Creativity-Employability) as a solution for dealing with the issue of youth unemployment.
The objectives are: -to realise and improve young people's self-image, self-confidence and to validate own capacity, knowledge, experience and skills -to help young people find the personal interests, to develop, realise and promote a business idea -to empower young people and youth workers to take active role in the youth policy making in their own society and future Europe -to promote the youth mobility through the possibilities that YiA Programme and the other Lifelong Learning Programmes that European Commission offers -to promote the idea of creating virtual labour market using the possibilities of web 2.0 and cloud servers -to find solutions that help the youth workers to overcome the difficulties in working with unmotivated youth.

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TC ”Volunteering: A way to employment” 06-13 April, Shengjin, Lezhe, Albania- 3 ucesnika

Volunteering:A way to employment! is a TC, to be implemented by the hosting organization, Center for Social Development, in April 2014 which aims on promoting volunteering as an effective tool in stimulating unemployed young people mobility and active participation in society and also will foster capacity building of youth organizations by equipping their their workers and youth leaders concepts, tools on designing&I implementing volunteer projects. Participants coming from 11 countries from SEE + EU+Turkey will work and live together for 7 days in Shengjin, Albania. Its very important training these youngsters and making them able and also inform them on how voluntarism can contribute in their life and can change that also. They will also have access to the opportunities offered by the YiA programme and other programmes that offer such possibilities for young people to get employed or travel to another country as volunteer (EVS).Pax will share their knowledge; ideas, challenges, opportunities, and will cooperate to achieve their goal using different working styles.

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TC ”Pass (the) word” 14-21 April, Delchevo, Macedonia- 3 ucesnika

Main aim of the project is: to promote use of alternative media in the communities as a
tool to handle community issues, giving special emphasize on the active participation of
young people in community life and importance of their vote to the well-being of the
European community.
The idea of the training is to encourage organizations to become active and explore new
ways of communication with the community.
Specific objectives of the project are:
– To introduce the idea of alternative media to the work of organizations in order to
increase the impact of their activities in the communities;
– To stimulate creativity of participants through using creative ways to reach public’s
attention on community issues;
– To encourage participation of young people / participants in European elections
and to reflect on democratic system of values and possibilities.
The aim and objectives are reflected in the Draft Daily Programme on the last page. Please
keep in mind that it is only draft programme and there might be changes. Significant part
of the Programme we hope to conduct in outdoor conditions (if the weather allows us).

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Na seminare se mogu prijaviti svi članovi udruženja “Mladi Volonteri”.   

Poziv je otvoren do 19.03.2014.

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