Open call for desk researcher

                                                             TERMS OF REFERENCE

About Project:

Walking the path of reconciliation- empowering communities for a peaceful society is a capacity building project financed by European Union under the Erasmus plus Program. The lead organization is Beyond Barriers Albania in cooperation with five other partners from: Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Reconciliation in the Western Balkans is a very fragile topic. The seeds of hatred are shared till nowadays among the generations that make the present and the future of the region.
This project aims to build the competences of youth workers, teachers, young people and community youth leaders in the Western Balkans, to address and work with reconciliation, countering hate speech and promoting peace building. Peace building cannot be reached if we don’t all work together, therefore this project proposes a thorough approach in involving different stakeholders of the community and equipping them with skills and expertise how to fight these negative phenomena in their environment.

  • Objectives of the Project:
    Promote reconciliation among communities with empowering young people and youth leaders with knowledge, skills and attitudes to act as advocates for peace building
    •Strengthen human rights based narratives in society that effectively counter stereotypes justifying discrimination and hate speech in communities;
    •Increase the involvement and action in solidarity of vulnerable groups affected by discrimination, racism and hate speech;
    •Develop expertise by creating a network of association that will work to analyze and respond to violations of human rights, discrimination and conflictual situation in grassroots level
    •Strengthen cooperation at regional level to respond quickly to incidents that trigger regional or European wide surges of hate and discrimination and promote human rights, intercultural sensitivity, reconciliation and peace building.
    •Produce and promote concrete educational tools about reconciliation and addressing hate among young people, to be used by teachers and other community leaders
    •Increase involvement and mobility of vulnerable groups in national and regional cooperation activities
    •Promote Erasmus+ as a powerful program to change young people’s life and bring about change and openness to communities through them.


  • 6 national desk research reports on availability of tools and resources in reconciliation and no hate speech
  • 1 regional policy brief with concrete recommendation’s on what the intervention steps need to be and how youth work can influence in the areas covered by the project.OBJECTIVES OF TOR

    Regarding the activity number two of the project “Desk Research”, organization “Udruzenje “Mladi Volonteri”” is looking to hire an expert to do a desk research on: Status quo on reconciliation and no hate speech. As well as tools and resources that are available in Partner countries of the project.

    Through this desk research, will be possible to review existing data and literature on Peace and reconciliation as well as available tools and resources about No hate Speech. This secondary research will include material published in research reports and similar documents in Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, which can be obtained from various sources like: data available on the internet, government and non government agencies, public libraries, educational institutions and commercial information sources.
    Main aim of this desk research will be the production of a regional policy brief document which will come as a result of collection of the desk researches done in each partner country of the project. Through this desk research will be possible to review the existing data and make recommendations of future steps and initiatives that can be made in the field of peace and reconciliation regarding, working with youngsters, youth work and reconciliation policies. This desk research is going to be used for youth workers and for helping out in screening our country realities.


Researcher will closely communicate and work under supervision of Coordinating organization and Project Coordinator. During the research process National desk researcher will conduct following:
•to provide up-to date information on the existing policy and other normative acts that tackle the issue of peace and reconciliation and no hate speech in one’s country.

  • To ensure to write the desk research at minimum 7 (seven) pages and maximum 10 (ten) pages.
  • To ensure translation of the transcripts on English language;
  • To ensure quality of the research process and respect of the sample profile;
  • To be fully responsible for quality of the research;
  • To ensure timely delivery of the research outputs to coordinating organizations;


  • High sense of responsibility, interest in the subjects of the project and commitment;
  • High level of analytical competence;
  • High level of time management competence;
  • High level of interpersonal competence;
  • Fluency in English language (written, spoken);
  • Advanced computer skills (MS Office – Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet);
    Qualification and experience
  • Call is open to partners of Walk On project – Beyond Barriers, Educational Center Krusevac, Lens, YCC, LDA-Sisak, Mladi Volonteri
  • An academic degree in a relevant field (e.g. Social science etc) or equivalent proven practical experience;
  • At least 5 years of relevant, research and/or experience management in social field;
  • At least 5 years of experience working on projects and interventions for social economic development of local communities.
  • Familiar with peace and reconciliation policy in partner countries of the project and no hate speech as well as existence of critical approach to this process on national level;


  • Researcher is responsible to weekly report on research progress and if needed to discuss possible challenges in meanwhile,
  • Researcher is responsible to ensure supervision to Project coordinator during correspondence with coordinating organization
  • During field work, researcher is responsible to keep and collect source of verification for activity reporting


The interested applicants have to send the required documents as below:

Curriculum Vitae

Motivation letter

Evidence of previous experiences in the field of research

Deadline for submitting applications is 15th of January 2020 (late submission will not be accepted as well phone inquires),

We encourage you to be an equal chance employer, which is not going to discriminate anybody who applies for this position by nationality, sex, age, race, national or ethnic origin.


Main selection criteria will be proven experience in the field, familiarity with topic and research instruments.