Potrebna 4 volontera za EVS u Turskoj


Objavljujemo javni poziv za 4 EVS volontera u Turskoj (Balikesir) u trajanju od 2 mjeseca (01.11.2016  – 01.01.2016).

O projektu:

Project name; Tactic (10Th Phase) Team Action For International Cooperation. We are looking for 4 volunteer for 2 months long EVS project called Tactic 10, dates between The starting day of the project: 01. 11. 2015. Volunteer age: from 18 to 30 years old Here you can find the whole brief info and details about our project This proposal, we would like to undertake a short term (2 months) project especially for volunteers coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. In doing so, we intend to; • Contribute to social and personal development of disadvantaged volunteers, • Give chances of short term EVS for more youngsters • Get benefits, for the local community, from the knowledge and abilities of volunteers, • Build partnerships with more European organizations, • Transfer new perspectives and innovations on youth work taking place in European organizations, • Contribute to the development of cultural tolerance among European young people, • Mediate for the higher level of European awareness in our local community, • Contribute to the development of life areas of some institutions serving to children from disadvantages backgrounds.

The project place is a school which is located in the small village next to Balıkesir city center and young people run under the local administration of National Education Directory (MEM). Here the volunteers will be working with the students coming from these schools and they will help them to develop their communication skills through the game that they will bring from their country. Also volunteer will take active roles in the art and sports class of school. Volunteers will also give English lessons through games to the Roman children.They will also take active role in activities which aim to improve sportive and artistic abilities of kindergarten children. In additional, the volunteers will benefit from various educational opportunities such as learning on healthy life, Turkish language, traditional Turkish music and dance, art (ebru), etc. Furthermore, they will participate in sportive events and educational trips around Balikesir. Accommodation place is a flat in city center. Volunteers will share one room. Volunteers will use Local transport to go activity places. Transportation costs will be given to the volunteers each month extra with pocket money. weekly schedule is; The volunteers will help to teachers in English classes to the school children between the age of 8-12 in primary school two days in a week. The volunteers will make events and play games based on teaching English with kinder garden children two days in a week. It is planning to make some events with disabled children one day in a week. However, it may change the interests and abilities of the volunteers. The events would be about artistic issues such as music, painting or workshops about the advertisement of the organization. Weekends: natural gift workshop or Visiting cultural and touristic places in area , art and culture activities free time

1. Volunteer’s pocket money monthly: 80 Euro 2. Food price: 145 Euro 3. Visa costs : when the volunteer documents her/his costs 4. Travel costs: It’s an important issue a. The following price contains plane,bus and other all of travel costs b. These costs includes round trip c. You have to submit a document for taking back your costs. Don’t lose your documents d. If you don’t buy your flight tickets on the time, travel costs may be a big problem for you and you should speak your mentor and agree with him/her.The travel costs according to legal procedure or volunteer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, maximum cost is 275€


Poziv je otvoren za sve članove udruženja starosne dobi od 18 – 30 godina. Svi zainteresovani kandidati treba da posalju CV i motivaciono pismo na engleskom jeziku na mail: volonteriyia@gmail.com najkasnije do 20.10.2015. godine