Poziv za 1 EVS vlontera/ku u Sloveniji na 4 mjeseca

 EVS project: Grow with us 2 (Project Reference: 2017-3-SI02-KA105-014381)

LJUDSKA UNIVERZA ORMOZ (Slovenia) as Hosting Organization.

 Duration of EVS Mobility: 4 months (1. August – 30. November 2018, if possible)

We represent the focal point, where youth of all ages and beliefs have the opportunity to create and develop various club activities. We offer the possibility of preventive activity, informal education and youth training on local and broader level. Youth work is dynamic, we strive for a better, tolerant and cohesive community, which is open and involved in social life.

Our activities outreaches the local environment, we want to upgrade this with an EVS project. Especially, we want to empower youth and encourage them toward active participation in the society. The volunteers would have a great opportunity for personal growth; therefore, the title “Grow with us 2”. The aims, which will be implemented during the EVS project, formed foundations for inclusive society and intercultural coexistence on local level.

As an organization implementing our second host project, we decided to include two EVS volunteers for four months’ mobility. We want a volunteer from 18 to 30 years old. Individuals with fewer opportunities will precede over others, however any individual can apply and can become a volunteer. We will offer them the opportunity to strengthen their competences in informal forms of youth work.

“Grow with us 2” project is intended to young, who have due to (low) education or unfinished education less possibilities on labour market, who grow up in difficult socio-economic conditions or who are faced with big obstacles with integration into the society due to personal circumstances.

We prepared a wide selection of activities, which youth can participate in, and for which we can offer full support. These include: different cultural activities, multimedia activities (photography, computer modelling, 3D printing), musical creativity, literary activities, sport activities, cooperation in local environment in viticulture, gardening, horticulture, herbs and farming, tourism and free time.

The presence of a young volunteer from other cultural and language environment will undoubtedly enliven and diversify the local environment. With “Grow with us 2” project we want to persuade local youth to take advantage of the possibilities offered by EVS. With the help of these two volunteers we will prepare introduction activities, where we will inform interested public about the results of our project and inform them about the organized activities on. We will design different promotion material (brochures, videos), which will be available to public.

One volunteer is already by us, we are looking for 1 volunteer more. They will be living together in Ormož (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ormo%C5%BE) and will be working for Ljudska univerza Ormož, unit Mladinski center Ormož (http://www.lu-ormoz.si/, http://www.mco.si/, https://www.facebook.com/mcormoz/, https://www.facebook.com/LUOrmoz/).

The project is for 4 months, we would like to have you in Ormož as soon as possible – on 1. Avgust (or a bit later) if possible.

We kindly ask that you send us (mcormoz@siol.net) your CV and motivation letter as soon as possible, describing your interests and your experience in the field of youth work and youth creativity.