Poziv za 2 volontera za seminar u Poljskoj

Topic: Young proffesionals! Say no to bullies!!! 10-17 November 2016, Lublin Poland,

The direct participants of the project who will take part in the main activities i.e. the seminar and the training course:

  1. Representatives of international organizations who work with the youth as a part of educational and nurturing activities, as well as decision makers
  2. ‘Young proffesionals’ – young people entering the labour market and starting their career path – i.e. young organization workers with a little work experience.
  3. HR specialists, managers, employment experts, psychologists and pedagogues.
  4. Everyone interested in taking part in the open events, i.e. the open part of the seminar, lectures, workshops, informational meetings (representatives of local authorities, entrepreneurs, everyone interested).
  5. Participants of the seminar, as well as the training course – people with training experience in working with the youth, who will become multipliers of the preventive programme.

A wide group of participants will take part in the seminar. A group of the participants are people who are not sent by any organization. One part of the seminar is an open meeting – workshops – ‘Open call’ for those who want to know the mechanisms of harassment in workplace, informative meeting about helping institutions, an open debate for everyone interested, young people, employers and the representatives of local authorities. The training course for multipliers is aimed at the narrowed target group – they are participants sent by the organizations, who directly work with the youth or they are internal trainers who can implement the informative and training programme that will be worked out during the training course in their activities and also train other workers. People representing Voluntary Labour Corps are mainly careers advisers and employment agents, but also educators, who can lead young people at the beginning of their career or they are the first ones that young people turn to as internal trainers in the organization.

Additionally, there’s a group of viewers who take part in a competition for the best anti-bullying and anti-discrimination slogan that is aimed at local community, potential recipients of social mini-campaigns organized by local authorities, as well as on the project facebook page.

All the participants will be carefully selected by partner organizations and project coordinator. If it is about the seminar, some part of the declared participants and experts has already been known at the stage of preparing the project. Other participants will be selected in internal recruitment. Additionally, there are some application forms which can help to identify the needs and skills of the participants. Every organization will select people who will become multipliers and they will be obliged to conduct an internal training along with a series of meetings based on the programme that will be developed during the training.

The seminar:

Over 18 years old. The youngest participants are young proffesionals with a little work experience. The rest of the participants are those with a lot of experience in working with the youth, experts, decision makers in organizations.


The seminar:

– incereasing the knowledge on harassment, discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment,

– incereasing the knowledge on the consequences of the above-mentioned,

– incereasing the knowledge on causes of the problem,

– incereasing the knowledge on personality of the mobber and people who harass and bully others in the workplace,

– incereasing the knowledge on the methods of working against these phenomena,

– incereasing the knowledge on the process of victimization and abuse

– incereasing the knowledge on the situations at workplace in different countries,

– incereasing the knowledge on the rights and civic freedom

– incereasing the knowledge on good practices in mobbing and discrimination prevention,

– incereasing the knowledge on the cultures and traditions of partnership countries,

– developing the communication skills of the seminar participants,

– increasing the social conscience,

– changing the attitude towards the leading topics of the seminar,

– becoming more open to cultural differences,

– increasing the knowledge on the possibility to get to local societies through the open debate.

Application: application-form

Svi zainteresovani članovi treba da pošalju popunjenu fromu do 30.10.2016. na e-mail: volonteriyia@gmail.com