Poziv za 2 EVS volonterke u Ankari Turska !

Poziv za 2 EVS volonterke u Ankari, Turska projekat traje 2 mjeseca

(15.07.2020 – 14.09.2020)


It is the voluntary support of volunteers among the ages of 18-30 in accordance with the ethical rules for people who are old and disabled at the same time and living alone. Every human will be older one day. Every human being is also a candidate for disability. Our project has been prepared for the purpose of providing support on subjects such as personal care, nutrition, protection of body mechanics, active and efficient aging of old people, elderly care, mental health protection, first aid, rational drug use, measures to be taken for home accidents.

2 volunteers will come to our project at the same time and they will do voluntary services on 2 months basis. A total of 30 volunteers will participate in the project. When carrying out the project, non-formal education methods will be used Project results and impacts: The most painful thing is that a person feels lonely and poor. This situation is to share the loneliness of the elderly individual living in them, to provide them with volunteer support in the social awareness in society. The long-term benefits of our project are to contribute to the development of service quality and standards of local government and private sector organizations working in this field and to contribute to the establishment of entrepreneurs in order to solve this needs and we are expecting to contribute to the development of the desired behaviors in the families of the elderly/disabled.

Troškovi prevoza su placeni 100% kao i smjestaj i hrana, svaka volonterka ce dobiti mjesecni iznos za dzeparac u iznosu od 122€ mjesecno. Obzirom da organizacija posjeduje vlastiti objekat sa kuhinjom i hranom, Volonterke ce imati priliku da same pripremaju svoje obroke, a namirnice ce biti placene od strane organizatora.

Svi zainteresovani treba da posalju CV i motivaciono pismo na engleskom jeziku najdalje do 14.07.2020. godine na e-mail:  volonteriyia@gmail.com

Nakon prijave i selekcije sve selektovane osobe ce dobiti dodatna dokumenta Ugovor kao i dodatne informacije o projektu.