Poziv za EVS u Poljskoj period Septembar 2015 – July 2016

Long Term EVS – POLAND/WARSAW, 2015
(from September 2015 to July 2016, 2 Volunteers to each organization)
“Hipotherapia” Foundation – http://www.hipoterapia.org/
The goals of the Foundation HIPOTERAPIA:
-to help children with disabilities, primarily by conducting therapy,
-the encouragement and dissemination equine assisted therapy as a method of rehabilitation in some diseases of children
and teenagers,
-to improve the knowledge and skills of our therapists,
-to take care of the health and safety of treatment of equine assisted therapy.
The objectives of our Foundation involve: doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, educators, special educators, instructors
of equine assisted therapy and horseback riding and social workers – mostly parents of disabled children who by developing
equine assisted therapy see one of the ways to help their children.
Volunteer tasks:
1. Working hours : 30-35 per week (including Saturday, then different day in the week is free)
2. To nurse and take care of horses which belongs to the Foundation HIPOTERAPIA.
3. Help with therapeutic activities (running a horse, putting a patient on a horse, safety of the patient.
4. Maintence works with the buildings used by the Foundation HIPOTERAPIA (painting, minor repairs, etc.).
5. Maintence works on the Foundation's area (sweeping, throwing garbage, cleaning of the tack room, ring, etc.).
6. To nurse and take care of green area which belongs to the Foundation.
7. Compliance with safety regulations when working with a horse.
8. Compliance with existing rules, regulations and discipline.
9. Kind, tactful, full of understanding attitude to the patient and his/her caregivers.
10. Discrete behavior with all matters relating to the patient.
11. To perform other tasks assigned by the members of the Board related to the Foundation's activities (for example:
preparation of special events).
We need people who:
1. have no allergy to horses hair or any other animals
2. like animals and working with them
3. can and do not have contraindications to heavy physical work (work in the stables)
4. like and have a predisposition to work with children, particularly children with physically / mentally / emotionally disabilities
5. like to work out (work outdoors in varying weather conditions)
6. in the future will be able to use the experience gained in future work

“MAJA” Association

The goals of the MAJA Association:
Association of Parents and Friends of Deep Disabled “Maja” organized and carried on Therapeutic – Rehabilitation Centre for
severely mentally disabled people.
In the facility we lead classes of the general improvement and independence of our pupils. We expand knowledge and skills
in accordance with their needs. We focus to help them develop communication and social skills. We make classes for the
educational use of computer, classes developing artistic interests – art; music, participation in occasional performances and
also rehabilitation.
Our pupils benefit from the therapy and rehabilitation organized periodically outside of our Centre – they learn about the
world on numerous trips.
We also try to organize swimming pool classes and hippo therapy which last for a few month period.
Our youth have a chance to make friends with each other which makes a great influence on their development and improves
their mental, social and physical functioning
Volunteer tasks:
-30 hours per week
-participation in cognitive excursions with a physically and mentally disabled person (on average it happens once per week
for about 5 hours),
-assistance in ceramic classes,
-assistance in painting classes with a group of mentally disabled people,
-participation in culinary classes
-small chores after classes
-conversations with parents, therapists, pupils
Volunteers will learn:
-elements of the therapeutic work,
-elements of ceramic art,
-elements of painting art
– working with disabilities, rules, psychological aspects, logistics aspects
Volunteer will expand his/her:
We need people who:
Volunteers will have to deal with people with severe disabilities who have variety of problems: with speaking, with mobility,
with basic activities of life.
All of our residents are however very kind, friendly and open for new people, new friendships, new activities.
Despite of their disabilities they are really curious about the world.
We need people who are responsible, sensitive to human needs, patient and who are not afraid of new challenges.
We also need people who are resistant mentally and physically.
Future volunteers should be quite strong physically because the work sometimes may require pushing the wheelchair or
carrying disabled person.
“RA i DO” Foundation International Support Center for Youth and Adults will be Coordinating Organization.
Info for Volunteers:
– accommodation in Warsaw , probably in private flat for 4 Volunteers (single or double rooms) , free access to kitchen, bathroom.
– Using public transport in Warsaw (buses, trams or tube)
– Polish lessons once or twice a week
– Mentors – young people from Warsaw
If You are interesting to come to Poland and support by your working two Associations take care disabilities please send your CV and motivation letter concerning this projects to:
We are waiting for your letters to 07 December 2014, in the beginning of December we choose some application and we
would like to have meeting by Skype. We will inform You. Please give us your Skype address.