Poziv za EVS volontera na 10 mjeseci – Španija

Poštovani, u tekstu koji objavljujemo naci cete detalje o projektu kao i organizaciji, ukoliko ste zainteresovani za ovaj EVS molimo Vas da posaljete CV i motivacion pismo na engleskom jeziku na mail organizacije koji se nalazi na kraju ove objave.


About us.
Sant tomàs association was founded 50 years ago with one main goal: the improvement of the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and their families. During all these years the organization has grown a lot and it currently has several working centers in order to attend all the people with ID in Osona, regardless their age or special needs.
More specifically Sant Tomàs has a Special Education School, two Occupational Centers, Housing service, a Leisure and Sports Club, daily residence service and also vocational service for youngsters. Sant Tomàs is one of the biggest associations in Spain and probably in Europe, as we annually attend around 1800 users with ID, we’re 650 workers and we’ve the support from more than 150 volunteers.
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We’re always looking for new programs to improve our services and this is why last year we coordinated and hosted our first evs project with 7 international participants. The results were extremely positive for everyone involved (in fact we’ve received several awards) so we’ve decided to repeat the experience to do it even better this time!
The project.
Expanding Horizons is looking for committed and responsible volunteers interested in learning about intellectual disabilities by collaborating in the following centers from our association: the Special Education School, the Occupational Centers and the Leisure and Sports Club. This means you’ll have the opportunity to acquire practical experience in this sector by supporting our professionals in their daily tasks, providing you with an unforgettable experience which will help you grow personally and professionally.
For our entity it’s also a great chance to collaborate with international youngsters who can bring new cultures and ways of understanding the world, volunteers who can inspire our users with disabilities and provide a priceless added value to our work.

Dates: from September 2018 till June 2019 (10 months)

Volunteer profile: we’re looking for volunteers with high predisposition and motivation to work with people with ID in a daily basis. This is a really sensible field so this is why this criterion is so important for us: we need to be sure that the volunteers know about this field and they’re really motivated to provide direct attention to them. It’s not about previous experience or academic training specific in this field, is about coming with the right attitude and willing to support and enjoy this whole experience by working and learning from this amazing collective.

The volunteer needs to be between 18 and 30 years old and it’s VERY RECOMMENDABLE to know some Spanish*i (or French, Italian, Portuguese…) or at least a high English level. He or she must be used to team work as he or she will volunteer in a center together with other workers. Flexibility to adapt to possible changes is also requested, as well as initiative, creativity, respectful attitude and open minded. We’re looking for committed volunteers who are looking for a vital experience, willing to work hard in order to learn and grow as much as they can.

Accommodation: The volunteers will live in Vic (only 60km away from Barcelona!), in two flats equipped with all the necessary facilities and shared with the other international volunteers. In addition, they will be located in the city center in order to facilitate the communications and social life in the community (in order to know about Vic city, check the interactive map from the following document).

Economic conditions: each volunteer will receive a monthly individual support of 120€ as pocket money (free to spend in whatever you want), as well as food money based on the cost of life and the received grant. (Last year it was 150€). Besides, the volunteer will always have the chance to have lunch in their own working center.
We’ll provide the necessary transport in order to access all the services and centers, because our association has their own buses and for those cases we don’t, public transport will be provided.

Training: The volunteers will receive qualified training regarding people with intellectual disabilities from 3 to 70 years old, as Sant Tomàs has been working in this field for 50 years so our professionals are very qualified to share this knowledge and practical experience. The skills, competences and techniques the youngsters will acquire will really help them in their future employability.

1 The fact of knowing Spanish language is not mandatory, but from previous experiences we know it’s very necessary for the volunteers in order to communicate with people with ID.
Before coming the sending organizations will provide training related to the host country, it’s culture and the EVS essential information. During the first week Sant Tomàs will organize a course focused on risk prevention, as well as some introduction to our culture, traditional and history. The participants will be also encouraged to attend Spanish and/or Catalan courses during the experience.

How do I apply?

Volunteers interested in joining Expanding Horizons need to send CV and motivation letter to 2theinclusion@santtomas.cat

Candidacies without one of them won’t be accepted.

Deadline: we’ll receive candidacies till 15/4/2018 (don’t wait till the last minute!)