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TC. Equal chances for all-a chance for a better future  23 jun-02 July 2013 Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia    2 ucesnika

Social exclusion is a major social problem of our time, which has replaced the “old notions of” poverty and marginalization.Social inclusion is our right to be: useful, respected, accepted, equal.The training tackles the topic of social inclusion and combating marginalization towards migrant and minorities which main objectives to develop how to use different models used for integration of minorities in society.This TC will bring together young people, youth workers and leaders involved in inclusive projects, work with minority or migrants or that want to learn and understand how to include minority and migrant youth in social life.This training course aims to train participants to ensure that social inclusion minority and migrant young people.Its main aim is to develop the skills and knowledge of the youth workers and youth leaders and to make them more prepared to contributed social inclusion and active participation of minority and migrant youth.The course is based on non‐formal education principles and approaches, being at the same time a mutual learning situation. The programme will foresee space for sharing and debate of realities, challenges and good practices of participants, but as well will encourage and support development of follow‐up projects.After the training course, participants will be very motivated and will have the opportunity to use received knowledge and experience, to contribute to activity of their organizations and act as multipliers, to work with youth minority and migrant.

TC “Violance, let it be past” 20-27 July Ruma, Serbia  3 ucesnika

Training Course “Violence, Let It Be Past” is 7 days activity hosted by OKO Ruma, in Ruma, Autonomy
province of Vojvodina, Serbia. TC will gather 30 young leaders, youth workers and volunteers from SEE,
European Union, Turkey and Croatia. Project is created in order to give to participants possibility to learn
and get experience in dealing with the different shapes of violence in their local communities.
The relationship of young people to violence has been a subject for all of our societies. Often leveled to be
the main perpetrators of violence in everyday life, young people are exposed to violence as the rest of
society but are the ones which are more vulnerable on it and its consequences. Promotion of a culture of
non-violence and human rights among young people can only be achieved with young people’s active
participation. Learning from violence and learning about violence implies questioning stereotype
perceptions and ideas about young people and about violence.
Methods that will be used on this Training Course are various forms of non-formal education with accent to
full participation and involvement of participants.

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Training Course “Heart Puzzle” 23-30 September 2013,  Ljubljana, Slovenia   2 ucesnika

The aim of “Heart Puzzle”  project (3.1. action of Youth in Action Programme) is to create an opportunity for youth regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity to actively contribute to combating violence, discrimination and social exclusion of lesbians, gays, bisexual and trans persons (LGBT). This aim is achieved through the use of methods of non-formal education, primarily creative writing and visual arts.30 young people from 13 different countries (Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Macedonia, Palestine, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey) will meet at a 6 day training course in Ljubljana, Slovenia to discuss non-violence, non-discrimination, acceptance, equality and solidarity in a safe and creative environment where everyone is motivated to express him/herself, his/her role in local, regional, national and European context in combating violence and discrimination of LGBT people.

The added value of the project will be a short documentary which youth workers and young volunteers will be able to use a support tool when planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating youth projects. The result of the project will also be a compilation of poems (in a form of a heart puzzle) in different languages that youth workers and young volunteers could use as a tool to raise awareness of the importance of combating violence and discrimination of LGBT people.

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