”To be employed or not”
06-13 March 2016, Akcakoca, Turkey, potrebno 10 učesnika;


Today the employment and unemployment problem appears as the most important and social problem facing us. The concept of unemployment which causes deep impacts on economic and social impacts has great importance and poses danger especially for a specific group. Those who are mostly affected among these groups by the unemployment are the young. Today while the 12,6 percent of the young are unemployed, this rate is expected to increase to the rate of 12.8 when 2 million people are included in this figure.

According to an estimation, in 2011 economic loss the ‘inactive youth’ cause who don’t have any jobs or aren’t studying anywhere is 153 billion American dollars in other words, more than 1 % of GDP. Thus, failure in the youth employment not only slows down the economic growth but also stands as a threat waiting for us.

Aims and objectives:

In this context, overall aim of the project is to create new ideas which will focus on employment of the youngsters by promoting their creativity and entrepreneurship and their active participation in labor market.

The concrete objectives of the Project are as follows :

– to create new projects which will focus on new business ideas

– to promote awareness of creativity and entrepreneurship of youngsters.

– to help youngsters to adapt themselves into labor market.

– to create awareness on employment of youngsters who are disabled and have less opportunity.

– to increase the cooperation and communication amoung the institutions which work on young people in Europe and neighbor countries, youth workers and young people.

– to share good practices in area of employment of youngsters

– to encourage active participation of the youngsters in labor market.

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