at Valea Doftanei, ROMANIA
22nd to 30th of April 2016, 3 participants

The training course Keep Educate Your Skills about Employment, is an activity that will bring together 27 participants, 2 trainers and one facilitator from 9 European countries (Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Macedonia, Slovakia and Bulgaria). The training will be held in Traisteni (Valea Doftanei village), Romania for 7 working days and it is for project managers, youth workers, volunteers who are active in each partner organization and who have some experience in youth work so they can multiply the knowledge they get.
The main objectives set up for this course are to contribute to youth worker’s social and professional growth, to explore the concepts of social inclusion, employment, soft skills, youngsters with fewer opportunities and share best practices, to develop participants competencies how to work concretely to develop soft skills and empower young people from disadvantage backgrounds in long term perspective and to create future and sustainable partnership between partners.
The project aims is to explore employability of young people, inclusion, soft skills, young people with fewer opportunities and how it is searched in various sectors of life. These skills and competencies will be beneficial for participants for future initiatives, also helping participants become more aware of self-employment as a career option.
The methodology will include communication-based methods (interaction, dialogue, open discussions), activity based methods (sharing experience, practice and experimentation), socially focused methods (partnerships, teamwork, networking) and self-directing methods (creativity, discovery, responsibility, action).


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