Erasmus + Programme,

”Digital Youthquake”, Belgrade, Serbia-3 participants

TC realization:


Training course will provide digital literacy/activism transversal (technical, practical and analytical) skills for 33 youth workers from 11 partner NGOs. Trainees will become digitally literate; master digital tools – Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Newsletter, Flipboard, Trello, Google tools; create digital media plan; learn graphic design, storytelling and tools e.g. surveys, cloud collaboration, agile project management; enhance skills for teaching the youth on digital literacy/activism; raise awareness and advocate youth activism towards stakeholders…

The TC will be implemented by different working methods and techniques of non-formal learning – hands-on workshops, discussions, practical work (social media power-ups, making a blog), watching digital media content, case studies and movie projections, group work in mixed teams, online learning, presentations, energizers.

Participants profile, participants would ideally meet the following criteria:

-To be youth worker or youth activists;

– Possess certain digital literacy knowledge (especially on digital media and online tools) or strong desire to acquire it;

– Have certain experience in the youth activism field or a strong desire to join youth activists;

– To be interested in youth policy, especially the problems of youth;

– To be creative, interested and capable to write articles and/or do photography, video clip or the


– To be motivated to combat undemocratic incidents;

– To be familiar with the current youth policy situation at local/national level, problems and needs of youth;

– To be interested to deal with issues of youth policy in partner countries and at the European level;  To be willing to cooperate with their European colleagues;  To be fluent in English.

+Although there is no age limit, the ideal would be that the participants are between 18 and 35 years old.

-It is necessary that the participants bring their own laptops.

Host: CDER (Serbia)

Location: Belgrade (Serbia)

Working language: English

Application form:   Application-form – Copy 

Projekat se odvija u sklopu programa Erasmus +. Učesnicima je plaćen smještaj, hrana i prevoz. Aplikacije na engleskom jeziku poslati na email adresu: volonteriyia@gmail.com, najkasnije do 17.08.2016. godine.