Poziv za seminar

Poziv za seminar:

12.-21.07.2013 YOUTH EXCHANGE PROJECT »FORM a bike – transFORM yourself«, Metlika, Slovenija  3 ucesnika

Through the 9 days the group of participants (40) will be mixed to support cultural diversity in order to renew old bikes and make new, creative ones which will stay in the town Metlika. A professional mentor will be of help, ensuring the bikes to be in shape to drive. Applying new methods of communication and also different interactive methods, participant will design, prepare workplace, pick materials, apply appropriate tools, assemble parts and finally, drive the bicycle they would have constructed. The project will be held in Camp Primostek and in the old part of Metlika, in the old town square, so it will influence local people passing by to think about the future and to be active. This part of the town is not very vibrant, thus the execution of the project on that location will have a big influence – among others, and the participating young people could mingle with the youth from the local community, all of which will bring more life to the quarter. Youth in this city is in their everyday life meeting with issues like: unemployment, inactive spending of free time, inability to participate in different educational programs due to the distance from bigger cities, etc.Intertwining this project and the location can showcase an excellent example of the advantages that European programmes can give to youth.

The bikes that will be made will stay in the old part of the town for free usage, and will be a gift of the 9 days exchange of the Youth in action program to the local community (bikes would have the Youth in Action logo).

Rok za prijavu je do 30.06.2013.

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