Poziv za seminar u Litvaniji


Training course „Out of Box” will be held from 20th– 28 September 2013, Varėna, Lithuania


The aim of training course „Out of Box” is to develop the quality of youth activities and capabilities of civil society organizations active in the youth work field for fighting poverty and social exclusion, enabling participants to acquire practical skills for further self-employment in the PR sector. This TC offers participants opportunity to improve competencies, knowledge and skills to higher quality practice in the youth field regarding working with socially excluded groups. The main TC objective is to develop an understanding of the nature of PR, recognize the key areas of PR involvement as a tool for self-promotion and promotion of organizations activities and make participants familiar with the basic concepts and principles of public relations.

TC „Out of Box“ will take place in Varėna district, in beautiful homestead, from 20th to 28th of September, 2013 with 30 participants from 10 different countries – Lithuania, Norway, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

TC will be in a modern countryside tourism homestead, in Varėna District, near town Merkinė, around 90 km south of Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania. The farmstead is situated in a grange, in National Park of Dzūkija. The area for recreation is around 12 hectars. For romantic people there is a park and viewpoint in a forest where you can go for a walk.

The farmstead where we will stay for 9 days is next to the lake, there is also a sauna, so don‘t forget to take your swimsuits!


Popunjenu aplikacionu formu poslati na mail neldijana@gmail.com


Za ove seminare vaze pravila Youth in Action programa, smjestaj i hrana su placeni 100%, uz prilozene originalne karte (boardnig pass), organizator isplacuje 70% ukupnih putnih troskova