Rezultati i novi poziv za seminare u Makedoniji, Albaniji i Finskoj

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YE. “Fetaures Leders  of Europe” 06.11 –  16.11.2013 Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia – 4 učesnika

The project will be realized in Serbia and it’s entitled ‘’Future Leaders of Europe’’. Aims of the project are:

–  increasing youth abilities as citizens and their involvement in making decisions

–  Increasing the awareness of the youth of their own potential

– Strengthening the leadership qualities of the youth

–  Exchanging the role model internships and successful examples of the leadership

–  Application of gained knowledge and absorbed model in the countries that participate

–  Building a multicultural cooperation that will be promoted through further work of participants after the project has been finished, in the participating countries

Using the methods of the group work, active discussions, role-play, and simulation games, participants will acquire knowledge and necessary abilities and in the same time they will recognize and further develop ability of taking the responsibility and making the decisions. Gained skills will be applied in the future both in their personal and professional growth, and by taking the leading role in their environment or any other segment of life they will immensely contribute to the development of local community

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TC “Social Capital Generations” 01-09 Decembar 2013, Kavadarci, Makedonija – 2 ucesnika

The main purpose and goal of the organizers of this training course is to bring the values
and benets that volunteering offers to the youngsters of the partner organizations
involved in this training. Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways and trough
volunteering one can make a real difference to people living in the toughest circumstances.
Most people volunteer because they want to give something back and nd they get much
more in return. Volunteering often is a foundation for a long-term, sustainable solution of
the challenge the community faces.
Still, nothing compares with the satisfaction of translating generosity into practical, lifechanging
International volunteering activities and initiatives require a serious deal of organization,
coordination and management skills in order to implement the initiative properly. Thus, this
TC will provide the participants with skills and knowledge of the two main aspects –
theoretical knowledge needed to promote volunteering and recruit volunteers and
organizations skills to be a part of an international team that will put into operation
international volunteering schemes and ideas. This is a follow up project that will be held in
Kavadarci with EU, SEE and EEC countires..

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T.C. “Kulttuurit Kolisee –Cultures Crashing” 15-23.01.2014 Kokkola, Finland – 3 ucesnika

The seminar has two main themes: learning from mistakes and cultural impacts.

The aim is to analyze why some projects work and others don´t. What could have been done differently? Learning from mistakes is possible only when we first notice the mistake and admit that we made it. During the seminar we will be analyzing how to carry out a successful project.

The world gets increasingly interconnected through globalization and individuals of different cultural backgrounds interact with each other in all spheres of life more intensively than before. This integration is increasingly exposing people to different values and ways of thinking and that´s why cultural impacts can´t be avoided. The aim is to learn how to pay attention to cultural difference.

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TC, “Not Just Number”  25 November – 2 December 2013, Durres – Albania – 2 ucesnika

The project, which will be held in Albania in 25 November – 2 December 2013, will bring together youth organizations from European countries, SEE to address the consequences of migration in Europe – both in EU and SEE. There will be
18 Countries including Albania (Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Rumania, Moldavia, Malta, Macedonia, Lithuania, Kosovo, Italy, Estonia, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bulgaria). Migrants are a vulnerable group in European societies, and they suffer discrimination and negative stereotypes in media and European societies. This seminar will focus on improving the knowledge about migration among European youth, improving the image of migrants and combating
negative phenomena connected with migration in European youth work. The seminar will facilitate an exchange of experiences, comparison between different European Countries, and finding appropriate solutions including European youth projects helping migrants.

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Na seminare se mogu prijaviti svi clanovi udruzenja “Mladi Volonteri”. Poziv je otvoren do 05. 11. 2013.  

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