08-16 October 2015, Bitola, MACEDONIA, 2 učesnika

SFERA invites you to join the Training Course

“Non-formal work for You(th)!”

The project to be held in Bitola, Macedonia, is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and will bring together young people from 14 different countries working more with non-formal methods and giving them the most amazing time in their life.

Training course ”Non-formal work for You(th)!” (NFWY!) will address the need present throughout whole Europe for competent young leaders and facilitators in civil society who will be willing and able to run educational activities for youth based on the values of the European Union and the Council of Europe, through usage of non-formal approach that has proven utmost flexibility beyond the borders of social classes, gender, nationalities and mentalities.

TC seeks to enable participants to explore and actually understand the concept and factors behind non-formal learning, and thus to competently design, facilitate and debrief existing and novel non-formal learning sessions and opportunities. Furthermore, in order to ensure sustainability, this TC wants to provide the participants with a coached and structured opportunity to elaborate a professional and personal development plan based on competencies and values.

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