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Rezultati Selekcije 19.07.2013

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TC “Violance, let it be past” 20-27 July Ruma, Serbia  2 ucesnika

Training Course “Violence, Let It Be Past” is 7 days activity hosted by OKO Ruma, in Ruma, Autonomy
province of Vojvodina, Serbia. TC will gather 30 young leaders, youth workers and volunteers from SEE,
European Union, Turkey and Croatia. Project is created in order to give to participants possibility to learn
and get experience in dealing with the different shapes of violence in their local communities.
The relationship of young people to violence has been a subject for all of our societies. Often leveled to be
the main perpetrators of violence in everyday life, young people are exposed to violence as the rest of
society but are the ones which are more vulnerable on it and its consequences. Promotion of a culture of
non-violence and human rights among young people can only be achieved with young people’s active
participation. Learning from violence and learning about violence implies questioning stereotype
perceptions and ideas about young people and about violence.
Methods that will be used on this Training Course are various forms of non-formal education with accent to
full participation and involvement of participants.

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