HITNO – Poziv za projekat Finska, 2 ucesnika

T.C. “Kulttuurit Kolisee –Cultures Crashing” 15-23.01.2014 Kokkola, Finland – 2 ucesnika

The seminar has two main themes: learning from mistakes and cultural impacts.

The aim is to analyze why some projects work and others don´t. What could have been done differently? Learning from mistakes is possible only when we first notice the mistake and admit that we made it. During the seminar we will be analyzing how to carry out a successful project.

The world gets increasingly interconnected through globalization and individuals of different cultural backgrounds interact with each other in all spheres of life more intensively than before. This integration is increasingly exposing people to different values and ways of thinking and that´s why cultural impacts can´t be avoided. The aim is to learn how to pay attention to cultural difference.

Za ovaj seminar u Finskoj se placa participacija organizatoru u iznosu od 50,00€ po osobi

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Na seminare se mogu prijaviti svi clanovi udruzenja “Mladi Volonteri”. Poziv je otvoren do 25. 12. 2013.  

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