YE ”FASHION ACTION” 20-30 April, Podgorica, Montenegro-1 ucesnik,


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TC ”LBBT” 17-25 April, Pogradec, Albania, 3 ucesnika

Lets Break the Barriers Together is a seminar which will bring together 27 participants from Albania, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. This seminar will be implemented from organization Roma Active Albania.

The project “Lets Break the Barriers Together” brings together young people 18 to 31 years old, Roma and non-Roma, to explore the Economical, Socio-cultural and Education level of Roma minority in the European countries (EU and non-EU)


• Exchanging the experience of Roma situation in European countries

• Giving opportunity for Roma youth to discuss about situation in their countries, as they see it

• Education of young people on the situation of Roma Minority in Europe

• Fostering mutual dialogue among Roma and non-Roma youth

It will be based on non-formal learning methodology and concretization of theory in real examples. It will also provide space for Sharing experience and discussing about the Roma situation in different countries, visiting the Roma communities and having a conversation with them, showing different videos and documentaries about the situation of Roma Minority, giving information, statistics and reports about Roma communities, organize a debate with the participants on Roma issues and how they can contribute to resolve the situation.

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TC ”Coaching Methods for Youth Knowledge, 28 April- 06 May, 2014, Pogradec, Albania- 3 ucesnika

This TC has as the main aim to enable participants to deal with issues of coaching in youth work and to act as a  coachers in their youth organizations to use the  coaching techniques as an effective tool  for their future activities in youth work.

Objectives of the training course:

To develop knowledge and skills of participants in the field of coaching by learning to them different coaching techniques ;

To familiarize the participants with commonly used terminology and language of coaching;

To use the multi-cultural group of participants as a learning space on individual roles and competencies in relation to the topic of the training course;

To provide participants with a space for reflecting on issue of coaching value within their own community;

To introduce to participants relevant&effective tools working in a field of  coaching as well to provide an opportunity to probe these methods in practice;

To develop participants` knowledge about YiA programme in order to ensure the ability of participants to work as multipliers and to be able to use a programme in participants further activities, by this raising the quality of projects implemented within YIA programme;

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TC ” We are all part of the same world” 2-11 May, Pogradec, Albania- 1 ucesnik

A Training Course to be implemented by the Center For Social Development , Hosting organization, in Pogradec, in May 2014 with the participation of partners from EU+SEE+Turkey, 3 pax each &will last 9 days. The training will cover the topic of social inclusion& marginalization an actual topic specially in Albania when considering the high number of young migrants that came back the last four year . Its overall aim is instructing & enabling youth workers,leaders& youngsters on the way to use different models and tools for the integration of minorities, specially young migrants in society. Its goal is to develop the skills&knowledge of the youth workers & youth leaders that work with minorities & make them more prepared to contribute to social inclusion & active participation of minority & migrants youth. The TC is based on NFE principles and approaches which enables young people to acquire essential competencies & contributes to their personal development, social inclusion & active citizenship, thereby improving their employment prospects. being at the same time a mutual learning situation. The programme will foresee space for sharing and debate of realities, challenges and good practices of participants, but as well will encourage and support development of follow‐up projects. Its an important issue a very delicate one the inclusion of minorities in society being those ones young migrants or youngsters having economic difficulties etc or other marginalized types & youth organizations and youth workers can play a crucial role in promoting their rights, and make them understand on the role the have and they can play to contribute to their communities and on improving their role in the society.

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Na seminare se mogu prijaviti svi članovi udruženja “Mladi Volonteri”.   

Poziv je otvoren do 16.04.2014.

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