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1-7 October 2013 T.C. “emPOWERing Skills”, Tirana, ALBANIA – 3 učesnika

The AIM of this activity is that aims to bring together youth workers, leaders and youth activist,  to empower them on the entrepreneurial skills, through the use of non formal education methodology. The training will explore the concept of Social inclusion and exclusion, employment and unemployment topic for youngsters with disadvantages, sharing information, best practices on youth projects and country realities. Combating social exclusion and poverty, deepen the meaning of empowerment of youngsters with fewer opportunities and how it is searched in various sectors of life (economy, politics, education and health).

The seven days Training will be implemented by using the non-formal education approach, the experiential learning and the learning by doing methodology, through the use or several methods such as:group work, discussion, role plays, simulations, debates, trust building games, presentations, etc.

20.08.2013 – 28.08.2013 “Acting Citizenship” 679 04 Adamov (40km from Brno) Czech Republic – 6 učesnika

Is a nine-day-long youth exchange taking place in South Moravia region near Brno city in Czech Republic.It's designated for 32 participants, young people from Czech Republic, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Ukraine, who will work on the idea of citizenship via theatre performance and Theatre of the Oppressed.According to the program each national group will also share traditions, history, culture and arts from its own country.In the project are used methods of non-formal learning such as workshops, presentations, discussions, working in mixed groups, inter-cultural evenings, team-building activities etc.

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